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PwC is acquiring Surfaceink, the hardware designer that was once a close partner of Apple’s

A lesser-known but significant player in the Silicon Valley tech world is getting acquired today — a move that underscores the changing economics in the world of hardware, and who wants to get m

Mistral AI, a Paris-based OpenAI rival, closed its $415 million funding round

French startup Mistral AI has officially closed its much anticipated Series A funding round. The company has raised €385 million, or $415 million at today’s exchange rate — according to Bloomber

TikTok to invest $1.5B in GoTo’s Indonesia e-commerce business Tokopedia

ByteDance’s TikTok wants to do more business in Indonesia — Southeast Asia’s biggest e-commerce market. So after facing roadblocks from the regulators, it’s now come up with a

Amazon loses second AWS India and South Asia top exec in less than a year

Vaishali Kasture, the executive Amazon appointed as the interim head of AWS India and South Asia, has quit the firm, a source familiar with the matter told TechCrunch, merely seven months into the top

US-China tech war escalates over EV battery dominance

Semiconductors have in recent years become a focal point in the U.S.’s efforts to impede China’s technological advancement. Now Washington has its eye on yet another red-hot tech sector wh

Elon Musk brings Alex Jones and Infowars back on X after user poll

Elon Musk has restored the X accounts of conspiracy theorist Alex Jones and his media site Infowars. The X accounts of Jones and Infowars were “permanently banned” from Twitter by the prev

SumUp taps €285M more in growth funding to weather the fintech storm

SumUp — the fintech that provides payments and related services to some 4 million small businesses in Europe, the Americas and Australia — has picked up some growth funding to navigate the

Cruise faces fines, TuSimple exits the U.S. and a new reporter joins the TC transpo team

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Senator Warren calls out Apple for shutting down Beeper’s ‘iMessage to Android’ solution

U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) is throwing her weight behind Beeper, the app that allowed Android users to message iPhone users via iMessage, until Apple shut it down. Warren, an advocate for

Deal Dive: Making the clean energy transition, well, cleaner

Nth Cycle is one of the few startups tackling the cleantech's carbon-heavy supply chain and building a cleaner infrastructure for the sector.

The possibility of regulation hangs on the horizon over generative AI

While it's easy to get lost in the hype of generative AI, you have to remember there could be a big governance piece coming.

Here are the newly minted fintech unicorns

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How to push PaaS usage beyond 12-factor apps

Companies embracing the PaaS paradigm must recognize that there won't be a one-size-fits-all workload solution.

Google fakes an AI demo, Grand Theft Auto VI goes viral and Spotify cuts jobs

Hey, folks, welcome to Week in Review (WiR), TechCrunch’s regular newsletter that recaps the past few days in tech. AI stole the headlines once again, with tech giants from Google to X (formerly

Do you believe in job after job?

People moving on to new jobs is not a bad thing — and not only when they have been laid off. That's why it's uplifting to see employers encourage this process.

Robotics Q&A with Boston Dynamics’ Aaron Saunders

For the next few weeks, TechCrunch’s robotics newsletter Actuator will be running Q&As with some of the top minds in robotics. Subscribe here for future updates. Part 1: CMU’s Matthew

System of intelligence — generative AI at the app layer

As generative AI shapes the next generation of application products, we can expect even more sweeping evolution.

This week in AI: Mistral and the EU’s fight for AI sovereignty

Keeping up with an industry as fast-moving as AI is a tall order. So until an AI can do it for you, here’s a handy roundup of recent stories in the world of machine learning, along with notable re

Gag City is a viral win for Nicki Minaj

Welcome to Gag City, the pink metropolis inhabited by stans and brands alike. In the days leading up to the release of “Pink Friday 2,” Nicki Minaj’s fifth studio album and sequel to

EU lawmakers bag late night deal on ‘global first’ AI rules

After marathon ‘final’ talks which stretched to almost three days European Union lawmakers have tonight clinched a political deal on a risk-based framework for regulating artificial intell
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