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Plummeting unicorn births underscore a changing venture capital market

Per Crunchbase data, the rate at which unicorns are being born has fallen nearly 80% from its peak, which was notably reached one year ago.

If it’s agtech, it’s climate change: How the crisis is shaping investors’ strategies

As startups look for ways to help agriculture adapt, agtech VCs share how the climate crisis informs their investment strategies.

Pakistan strips YC-backed Tag of fintech services, orders to pull apps

Pakistan’s central bank on Friday revoked the in-principle and pilot operations approval of Tag to operate as an electronic money institution in a move that poses existential threat to the firm. Sta

Elon and Twitter’s will-they, won’t-they (and other TC news)

This week on The TechCrunch Podcast we talked with Dom about how conservative VCs are using their dollars to shape the world, and we spoke with Taylor about how the Musk train just keeps on rumbling a

Even as ESG faces growing backlash, these companies are all-in

As ESG initiatives face growing political and business backlash, many companies are establishing practices to show they're committed to the idea of social responsibility.

Netflix reaches historic deal with AMC, Regal, Cinemark to show ‘Knives Out’ sequel in theaters

For the first time, a Netflix movie is getting a one-week theatrical sneak preview event across 600 AMC, Regal and Cinemark theaters in the U.S. The historic deal marks the first time all three major

Shopify agrees to consumer safety tweaks in Europe

Shopify has agreed to make changes linked to shopper safety and combating fakes after a regulatory intervention in the European Union following a number of complaints, the Commission said today. The c

5 key IP considerations for AI startups

As AI becomes more prevalent in our economy and integral to innovation, startups cannot afford to ignore IP rights.

TechCrunch+ roundup: Green card sponsorships, startup prenups, agtech VC survey

Nearly anything can tear a co-founder relationship asunder. I have observed partnerships go sour over funding disputes, product pipelines, and in one case, a bad experience at Burning Man.

President Biden signs executive order aimed at legal reboot of EU-US data flows

U.S. president Joe Biden has signed an executive order attached to reupping a flagship data transfer agreement with the European Union — with the goal of making life easier for businesses that n

FlyFeed flies in the face of the global food crisis

FlyFeed claims it signed more than $10 million worth of contracts and closed a $3 million round of investment to launch its first insect farm in Vietnam, in its push to produce low-cost, high-nutrient

AI music generators could be a boon for artists — but also problematic

It was only five years ago that electronic punk band YACHT entered the recording studio with a daunting task: They would train an AI on 14 years of their music, then synthesize the results into the al

Meta Quest 2 gets exclusive VR series ‘Scream Park’ from entertainment studio BlackBox TV

Premiering on October 8, entertainment studio BlackBox TV is releasing a short-form series exclusive to Meta Quest TV and in Meta Horizon Worlds with the Meta Quest 2 headset. The 360° VR experience

Nice try, startup, but that’s not your serviceable obtainable market (SOM)

Startup founders, trying to show how big their markets are, often overstep the mark, claiming TAM/SAM/SOM numbers that are unobtainable and absurd.

What happened when this entrepreneur put her startup on hold to help Ukraine, and told VCs to donate

When Russia invaded her home country of Ukraine, U.K.-based tech entrepreneur Irra Ariella Khi, co-founder of Zamna, set up a fundraising page to directly support people inside Ukraine. Khi’s father

Meet the young turks of blockchain, DeFi and web3 exhibiting at TC Sessions: Crypto

Basketball isn’t the only heat you’ll find in Miami, a city rapidly becoming known for its emerging tech development and investment in the hot crypto sector. It’s why we chose it as the destinat

What gloom? Data show it’s still a great time to build a SaaS startup

It's becoming clear that while venture capital investment into startups has slowed, it's still a great time to build a software company.

Musk and Kardashian remind us to stop crying for the wealthy

Hello and welcome back to Equity, a podcast about the business of startups, where we unpack the numbers and nuance behind the headlines. Before we get into this week’s show notes, some programming

Amazon scales back Scout delivery robot program

As far as delivery robots go, Amazon’s in-house Scout program seemed like a no-brainer. Few — if any — companies stand to gain more from a successful sidewalk deliver service. As noted b

Binance hit by $100 million blockchain bridge hack

Binance, the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, confirmed Thursday that hackers made off with at least $100 million, but that the figure could have been significantly more. The Binance blockch
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