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Atlys raises $4.25M to make visa applications faster and easier

International travel is slowly opening up again, but that also means business and leisure travelers alike will once again have to think about visa restrictions as they take to the air. Nobody has ever

Facebook changes its corporate branding to Meta

Well, it’s official. After 17 years of being called Facebook, the social networking parent company behind Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and Oculus has a new name. Facebook’s corporate enti

The Tenways CGO 600 is a very serviceable, urban, belt drive e-bike, great for commutes

Tenways is an e-bike maker which has launched its first model, the CGO 600, on Indiegogo. Priced at around $1,400 this is a relatively affordable e-bike in the scheme of things, and has plenty of feat

Zuckerberg on the Quest 2 as a fitness device — ‘It’s kind of like a Peloton’

Facebook wants the Quest 2 be known as more than a game console for your face. At the company’s Facebook Connect developer conference, CEO Mark Zuckerberg highlighted the company’s efforts

Cover, a modular home builder that’s modeled in ways after Tesla, has raised a $60 million Series B

There are lot of startups now working on modular home design. Among the most interesting is Cover, a seven-year-old, L.A.-based company that says it manufactures fully complete wall, floor, and roof p

Twitter launches Spaces Recording feature to testers on iOS, global launch to follow

Twitter announced last month it would soon introduce an option that allows hosts to record their live audio sessions in Twitter Spaces to make them available for replay. While the company at the time

VSC wants to craft the stories of startups, then invest in them too

VSC, a public relations firm that has helped the likes of startups such as ClearCo, Poshmark and Tile craft their stories, has raised millions to invest in the companies they work with. While its bigg

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is in development for Oculus Quest 2

During its big VR and AR-focused event Thursday, Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced a major new title headed to its VR platform that should turn a few heads. Grand Theft Auto: San Andr

Facebook teases Polar, a mobile app for creating AR filters

At Facebook’s AR/VR-focused event Connect, the company announced a new app focused on bringing more creators into the world of building for augmented reality. The upcoming iOS app, called Polar,

Credit card and payments companies compete for a slice of the growing BNPL market

A year ago, the biggest players in the BNPL space were companies founded solely to offer consumers the ability to pay in installments at the point of sale. But the landscape looks very different now.

Facebook Messenger audio calls are coming to Oculus Quest

Facebook is keen to improve the process of joining VR experiences in its Quest headset with friends. Today at the company’s Connect conference, they announced that Quest users will be able to ma

Slack is coming to the Oculus Quest

Soon you’ll be able to read incessant Slack messages without ever having to take your VR headset off. At Facebook’s Connect conference, the company showcased a new framework for bringing 2

Facebook opens Oculus Store to 2D progressive web apps

Facebook wants to make its Quest 2 headset a productivity device for a new generation of remote workers, but in order to pull that off, it needs apps. Today, Facebook announced that they’re brin

Didi expands, inDriver monetizes to rival Uber, Bolt in Africa

The on-demand transport space in Africa has evolved since San Francisco-based ride-hailing firm Uber first set up operations in South Africa in 2013, setting the stage for its foray across the contine

Tim Berners-Lee’s startup Inrupt in talks to raise over $30 million

Tim Berners-Lee created the standards for the world wide web three decades ago, setting the pathway for countless of companies to flourish at unimaginable scale. His new venture, called Inrupt, wants

NerdWallet’s IPO proves you can write your way to a unicorn valuation

We can put a value on NerdWallet's business of as much as $1.25 billion. That must be more than $1 per word that NerdWallet has published, implying a pretty good return on scribbling.

Anomalo launches with $33M Series A to automatically find issues in data sets

As companies gather ever-growing sets of data, finding issues with that data that could impact the viability of a machine learning model becomes increasingly important. Anomalo is putting machine lear

Fundamentally altering antitrust laws will harm US startups and slow the economy

The very recipe that created America’s economic success is being threatened by antitrust proposals in Congress that will make creating a new business less attractive.

Climate accounting platform Persefoni raises $101M Series B led by Prelude and TPG

There’s nothing like an increasing level of regulations to create spaces for new startups to appear, especially in SaaS. Asset managers, banks, and other financial institutions need to calculate the

Self-driving startup Aurora taps Pixar veterans to make a more realistic virtual world for testing

Aurora, the autonomous vehicle startup scheduled to make its debut on Nasdaq next week, is turning to a team of Pixar veterans to help make the computer simulation tool used to test and train its self
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