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Consumer Financial Protection Bureau fines BloomTech for false claims

The CFPB is permanently banning BloomTech from consumer lending activities and its CEO, Austen Allred, from student lending for a period of 10 years.

7 Waymo robotaxis block traffic to San Francisco freeway on-ramp

Waymo can operate on San Francisco freeways without a human driver, but the company is still only testing on freeways with a human driver in the front seat.

Ramp raises another $150 million co-led by Khosla and Founders Fund at a $7.65B valuation

Spend management startup Ramp has raised another $150 million at a post-money valuation of $7.65 billion, the company confirmed to TechCrunch today. New investor Khosla Ventures and existing backer Fo

Alphabet X’s Bellwether harnesses AI to help predict natural disasters

The world is on fire. Quite literally, much of the time. Predicting such disasters before they get out of hand — or better yet, before they happen — will be key to maintaining a reasonable

Don’t blame MKBHD for the fate of Humane AI and Fisker

Humane AI raised more than $230 million before it even shipped a product. And when it finally released its Ai Pin — which costs $699 plus a $24 monthly subscription — pretty much every tec

Dark is building a rocket-powered boxing glove to push debris out of orbit

Paris-based Dark is taking on the dual problems of debris and conflict in orbit with their mobile platform designed to launch, attach to, and ultimately de-orbit uncooperative objects in space. Dark C

AirChat, the buzzy new social app, could be great — or, it could succumb to the same fate as Clubhouse

Over the weekend, another social media platform exploded into the fray: AirChat. The app is like a combination of Twitter and Clubhouse. Instead of typing a post, you speak it. The app quickly transcr

Mastering finance essentials with Mercury’s VP of finance, Dan Kang, at TechCrunch Early Stage

TechCrunch Early Stage is gearing up for another insightful event on April 25, and one roundtable session promises to be particularly illuminating for early-stage founders. Titled “Finance Funda

Adtech giants like Meta must give EU users real privacy choice, says EDPB

The European Data Protection Board (EDPB) has published new guidance that has major implications for adtech giants like Meta and other large platforms. Since November 2023, the owner of Facebook and I

LinkedIn testing Premium Company Page subscription with AI-assisted content creation

LinkedIn — the social platform that targets the working world — has quietly started testing another way to boost its revenues, this time with a new service for small and medium businesses.

Reddit CPO talks new features — better translations, moderation and dev tools

It’s a big year for Reddit. After its IPO, the platform is planning a slew of product features for the year ahead, and — spoiler alert — most of them are powered by AI. “I thin

TikTok starts testing its Instagram competitor TikTok Notes in Canada and Australia

TikTok is rolling out its Instagram competitor, TikTok Notes, in select markets. The app is available on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store in Canada and Australia, the company said. The compan

Live selling startup CommentSold uses AI to generate shoppable, social-ready clips

The “AI ClipHero” feature creates short clips from livestreamed selling events, which often last for hours.

Palo Alto Networks’ firewall bug under attack brings fresh havoc to thousands of companies

Organizations are urged to patch their Palo Alto firewalls after researchers discover evidence of malicious exploitation dating back to late March.

TechCrunch Minute: New Atlas robot stuns experts in first reveal from Boston Dynamics

This week Boston Dynamics retired its well-known Atlas robot that was powered by hydraulics. Then today it unveiled its new Atlas robot, which is powered by electricity. The change might not seem like

Brave Search is adopting AI to answer your queries

The new "Answer with AI" feature returns neatly formatted answers for questions like "People who walked on the moon," "List of all actors who played Batman" or "How do descale Nespresso pixie."

Cherub, an angel investing community inspired by dating apps, entices investors and founders to pair up

Jaclyn Johnson and Angeline Vuong were on a hike deliberating how hard it can be for people to get started in angel investing when they realized they had stumbled upon a startup idea. 

a16z-backed Rewind pivots to build AI-powered pendant to record your conversations

a16z-backed Rewind is now pivoting to build AI-powered meeting suit along with a hardware product to record your conversations.

ByteDance gets 24 hours to show EU a DSA risk assessment for TikTok Lite

TikTok owner ByteDance is facing fresh questions about its compliance with the European Union’s Digital Services Act (DSA), an online governance and content moderation framework that puts a lega

NeuBird is building a generative AI solution for complex cloud-native environments

NeuBird founders Goutham Rao and Vinod Jayaraman came from Portworx, a cloud-native storage solution they eventually sold to PureStorage in 2019 for $370 million. It was their third successful exit. 
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