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WhatsApp adds global support for passkeys on iOS

WhatsApp is introducing support for passkey verification on iOS, removing the need for users to deal with SMS two-factor authentication.

Reddit is making it easier to navigate conversations on its mobile apps

The company is launching a new unified media player, along with instant comment loading and a direct shortcut to conversations.

Dripos raises $11M Series A to replace Square, Toast and 8 other pieces of software

Dripos brings together point-of-sale, mobile payments, employee management and payroll, loyalty and marketing automation and administrative functions like accounting and banking.

TechCrunch Minute: Perplexity AI could be worth up to $3B. Here’s why

Perplexity AI‘s latest, large fundraising event could be quickly superseded by another, even larger chunk of capital, TechCrunch reports. Yes, the $62.7 million that the startup raised at just o

Seed-stage firm Eniac Ventures raises $220M across two funds

Eniac has raised $60 million for Select 1, the firm’s vehicle for follow-on later-stage investments, and $160 million for Eniac VI.

Stainless is helping OpenAI, Anthropic and others build SDKs for their APIs

Stainless, a startup building a platform to generate SDKs from APIs, has raised a seed round of funding from Sequoia.

Biden signs bill that would ban TikTok if ByteDance fails to sell the app

President Biden has signed a bill that would ban TikTok if its Chinese parent company, ByteDance, fails to sell it within a year. The bill, which includes aid for Ukraine and Israel, was passed by the

Fintech gaming startup Sanlo’s webshop tool could help developers avoid costly app store fees

Sanlo, a fintech startup that helps gaming companies manage finances, announced Wednesday the closed beta launch of its webshop tool, giving select game developers and studios a plug-and-play solution

Anon is building an automated authentication layer for the GenAI age

As the notion of the AI agent begins to take hold, and more tasks will be completed without a human involved, it is going to require a new kind of authentication to make sure only agents with the prop

The TikTok ban clears key hurdle while Perplexity AI continues to shake up search

Well, if you are a big TikTok fan and live in the United States, I have some bad news for you: A bill that would force a sale of TikTok or ban it in the United States passed the Senate. And the presid

Nvidia acquires AI workload management startup Run:ai for $700M, sources say

Nvidia is acquiring Run:ai, a Tel Aviv-based company that makes it easier for developers and operations teams to manage and optimize their AI hardware infrastructure. Terms of the deal aren’t be

Security bugs in a popular phone-tracking app exposed users’ precise locations

The location-sharing app iSharing, which has 35 million users, fixed vulnerabilities that exposed users' personal information and precise location data.

Block lets Square merchants convert a part of their daily sales to bitcoin

Block, the company behind Square, Cash App and other services, announced a new program today allowing merchants using Square’s solutions to convert a percentage of their daily sales to bitcoin.

Diddo’s new funding will bring its shoppable TV API to streaming platforms

The company has developed an API that uses proprietary computer vision AI technology to identify products in TV shows and movies.

Spotify submits a new update to Apple with pricing information for EU users

The music streaming company said it is not opting into Apple's new DMA changes that charge a "core technology fee" for developers with more than 1 million annual downloads.

Snowflake releases a flagship generative AI model of its own

All-around, highly generalizable generative AI models were the name of the game once, and they arguably still are. But increasingly, as cloud vendors large and small join the generative AI fray, we&#8

Tomorrow, TechCrunch Early Stage 2024 takes over Boston

Tomorrow is the day we’ve all been waiting for! TechCrunch Early Stage 2024 kicks off in Boston, and we can’t wait to see you there! We’re expecting 1,000+ attendees for a full day o

UK probes Amazon and Microsoft over AI partnerships with Mistral, Anthropic, and Inflection

The UK is launching initial enquiries into Amazon and Microsoft over partnerships with AI companies Mistral, Anthropic, and Inflection.

Tines taps $50M to expand its workflow automation beyond security teams

Automation continues to be a major theme in the enterprise — underscored not least by the rise of AI as a tool to help fix some of the more routine, resource-intensive and fragmented aspects of

Former Magic Leapers launch a platform for AR experiences

When Trace’s future co-founders Greg Tran, Martin Smith and Sean Couture joined Magic Leap in Spring/Summer 2015, it was about as hot as startups come. After years of secrecy, the augmented reality
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