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Apple spotted developing a ‘multiview’ feature for watching sports on Apple TV

Earlier this month, YouTube TV launched a new “multiview” feature that allows viewers to watch up to four streams of sports content at once. Now it looks like Apple TV is working on a simi

AI’s moral compass with a jack of all trades

Hello, and welcome back to Equity, a podcast about the business of startups, where we unpack the numbers and nuance behind the headlines. This is our Wednesday show, where we niche down to a single pe

SVB collapse spared an already muted venture deal market

The past year has been tough for startups and investors, but at least Silicon Valley Bank's downfall isn't likely to make it materially tougher.

Twilio Segment introduces new portable customer records with reverse ETL

Gathering customer information in a CDP is about understanding your customers better and delivering more tailored experiences, but getting that information where it needs to be to make that happen has

Dan Teran shares Gutter Capital’s challenge of closing its first fund

Gutter Capital closed on a $25 million fund, about $10 million over its initial fundraising goal, but the process took over a year to secure the commitments.

UK to avoid fixed rules for AI – in favor of ‘context-specific guidance’

The UK isn’t going to be setting hard rules for AI any time soon. Today, the Department for Science, Innovation and Technology (DSIT) published a white paper setting out the government’s p

Kevin Costner’s location-based audio storytelling app Autio raises $5.9M

Autio, a location-based audio entertainment app co-founded by actor Kevin Costner and formerly known as HearHere, has raised a $5.9 million seed extension led by iHeartMedia. The app uses GPS to narra

Google Cloud launches AlloyDB Omni, a downloadable version of its PostgreSQL-compatible database

AlloyDB for PostgreSQL is Google Cloud’s fully managed cloud-based database service. And typically, that’s where the story ends with these born-in-the-cloud services. But Google Cloud is t

Meditation app Simple Habit sells to wellness marketplace Ingenio, pivots the company to Sleep Reset

Y-Combinator and Foundation Capital-backed meditation app Simple Habit has been acquired by Alpine Investors-backed wellness marketplace company Ingenio. Because of this deal, Simple Habit will rebran

Deep Render lands $9M for its AI-powered video compression tech

Deep Render, a startup developing AI-powered tech to compress videos on the web, today announced that it raised $9 million in a Series A funding round led by IP Group and Pentech Ventures. A source fa

Silence gets you nowhere in a data breach

An important lesson in how not to respond to a breach, courtesy of LastPass and Fortra.

Jigso is building an AI assistant to surface the data employees need automatically

Workers are being bombarded with data from a variety of sources. If the point is to make people more productive, as the volume increases, the more difficult it is to find the information you need to d

Hackers used spyware made in Spain to target users in the UAE, Google says

In November 2022, Google revealed the existence of a then-unknown spyware vendor called Variston. Now, Google researchers say they have seen hackers use Variston’s tools in the United Arab Emirates.

Google’s new ad transparency center will keep track of a brand’s previous ads

Google is launching a new ad transparency center that will let users search for verified advertisers and their campaigns across all of the company’s platforms including Search, Display, and YouT

Hear Oma Fertility and Root Ventures talk male IVF challenges on TechCrunch Live

Building a company during the pandemic is hard; raising $71.5 million in the fertility sector, an impressive feat at any time. Today, Oma Fertility co-founder Kiran Joshi and Root Ventures Partner Chr

LeapXpert raises $22M to monitor employee chats for compliance

The pandemic brought with it a spike in work-from-home and hybrid work, which increased peoples’ dependence on personal devices — driving businesses to try and rein in their use. It’s be

After chargeback fraud debacle, Union54 CEO says fintech in Africa ‘isn’t child’s play’

Last July, TechCrunch reported that customers of several fintech apps couldn’t access the virtual dollar card service that these platforms provided. In addition, customers couldn’t create new card

Paytrix raises $18.3M to build out its one-stop payments shop

Payments remains one of the most fragmented of online services, a situation that is only compounded when your business trades internationally. A UK startup called Paytrix says it has raised $18.3 mill

Spera raises $10M for its identity security posture management platform

Spera, a Palo Alto-based security startup that provides businesses with the tools to proactively protect themselves from identity-driven threats, today announced that it has raised a $10 million seed

Google to roll out new extreme heat alerts in Search soon

Google is introducing new extreme heat alerts in Search that are designed to surface information to help people stay safe during heat waves.
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