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Asteroid mining startup AstroForge faces setbacks – and successes – on demonstration mission

Asteroid mining startup AstroForge is racing against the clock to complete its refinery demonstration on orbit after encountering a number of unexpected setbacks before and after launch, the startup s

Apple releases spatial video recording on iPhone 15 Pro

Apple rolled out iOS 17.2 today, giving iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max users the ability to record spatial videos. The new feature lets users film in three dimensions and experience their favorit

Sila inks supply deal with Panasonic for its breakthrough battery material

The supply agreement marks a significant milestone for the 13-year-old lithium-ion battery company, which has raised over $900 million to date.

Apple’s new Journal app is now available with the release of iOS 17.2

Apple has officially launched its Journal app with the release of iOS 17.2, the tech giant announced on Monday. The new app, which was first announced at WWDC in June, is designed to encourage users t

We should all be paying more attention to the PDD-Alibaba rivalry

Are we entering an era where Temu rules as the undisputed king of e-commerce?

Crafting unforgettable startup names that resonate, inspire thought, and make competitors wince

In today's digital and global economy, a brand name can mean the difference between being remembered and being completely forgotten.

Beeper Mini is back in operation after Apple’s attempt to shut it down

Beeper Mini, the app bringing blue bubble iMessage texts to Android users, is back in operation on Monday after a long weekend that saw Apple putting an end to Beeper’s services, claiming it was

EU says incoming rules for general purpose AIs can evolve over time

The political deal clinched by European Union lawmakers late Friday over what the bloc is billing as world’s first comprehensive law for regulating artificial intelligence includes powers for th

EV sales are thriving. Here’s how the US can stay in the race

Jon McNeill, founder of venture studio DvX and vice chair of the Cruise board, weighs in on where the U.S. stands in the EV revolution.

Tesla’s $50,000 threat to Cybertruck resellers may be back after all

Tesla’s warning to Cybertruck resellers and scalpers appears to be back. An apparent early Cybertruck buyer claims they spotted Tesla’s $50,000 legal threat again in an order agreement for

Tumblr’s ‘fediverse’ integration is still being worked on, says owner and Automattic CEO Matt Mullenweg

Despite delays, the plan to connect Tumblr’s blogging site to the wider world of decentralized social media, also known as the “fediverse,” is still on, it seems. Over a year ago, Au

Docker acquires AtomicJar, a testing startup that raised $25M in January

AtomicJar was seemingly a high-flying early-stage startup with a hefty (by today’s standards) $25 million Series A last January. It was building a commercial container testing platform, based on a p

Elon Musk says X is bringing video to Spaces soon

Elon Musk has announced that X, formerly Twitter, will be bringing video to Spaces, the social network’s live audio conversation feature. Musk said X plans to launch the feature by the end of th

Arc browser launches its Windows client in beta

The Browser Company announced today that it is onboarding the first set of users for its Windows client — launching today as a beta version. Users and observers have been demanding a Windows version

TikTok loves e-commerce and VCs think Mistral AI will be fine (potential EU regulatory overhang or not)

Welcome back to Equity. Our Monday show covers the latest in tech news from the weekend and what’s making headlines early in the week.

TikTok becomes first non-game app to reach $10B in consumer spending

TikTok’s short-form video app is hitting a new milestone. The app, which reached 1 billion monthly active users in 2021, has now become the first non-game mobile app to generate $10 billion in c

Food tech roundup: VC funding declines again in Q3 amid fewer deals

Food tech investors discuss another consecutive quarter of decline in venture capital investments into areas like plant-based meat alternatives and cultivated meat.

US healthcare giant Norton says hackers stole millions of patients’ data during ransomware attack

Kentucky-based nonprofit healthcare system Norton Healthcare has confirmed that hackers accessed the personal data of millions of patients and employees during an earlier ransomware attack. Norton ope

With regulation looming, Citrusx helps ensure AI models are in compliance

Every day we seem to hear another news story about some government entity exploring how to regulate AI. Just last week, the EU finalized a new set of rules, but they are far from alone, as other count
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