Be-A-Magpie Is PayPerPost For Twitter

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Facebook Proposes To Ban Sponsored Status Updates

<img src="" width="215" height="87" />Today Facebook has posted a note to its <a href="http://blog.facebook.c

News Flash: Paying for Coverage Is Still "Taboo"

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Pay Per Post: Google Uses Every Trick To Beat Yahoo In Japan

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PayPerPost Suspends Zookoda, Deadpool Looking Likely

IZEA (PayPerPost) have suspended Zookoda, the blog to email service they acquired in April. According to CEO Ted Murphy, the service has been suspended due to “elevated levels of abuse on Zookod

PayPerPost Bloggers Get Slammed By Google

If participating in PayPerPost wasn’t questionable enough morally before, today it’s now a poisoned chalice as Google has commenced punishing PayPerPost bloggers by completely removing the

SocialSpark: Candy Colored Shilling

IZEA (formerly PayPerPost) has soft launched their new social network for “posties” Social Spark. Social Spark brings the PayPerPost scheme into a candy colored social network. There&#8217

PayPerPost Users Freaking Out Over Google PageRank Nuke

It’s been less than two weeks since Google penalized PayPerPost bloggers in the most devastating way possible – by resetting all of their PageRanks to zero and effectively removing them fr

PayPerPost's Latest Gimmick – SocialSpark

PayPerpost, which has renamed it’s parent company IZEA, says they’ll be launching a new social network in January 2008 called SocialSpark. Bloggers and advertisers (the company says they h

Should IZEA Advertisements Be Accepted On TechCrunch? (Updated)

Update: Ok, the poll is now closed. It was close, but the “Nos” have it with 55% of the 3,437 votes cast. No IZEA ads on TechCrunch. In 2006 PayPerPost CEO Ted Murphy emailed to ask if we&

PayPerPost Abuses Declining Job Candidate

Controversial startup PayPerPost makes another misstep this weekend – they became verbally abusive with an employee candidate who turned them down. A couple of weeks ago we wrote about how CEO T

PayPerPost Launches Random New Service. They're Up To Something, I'm Sure.

We heard about a new service from PayPerPost today, and while it’s a little boring, there is nothing about it that I can take particular issue with at first blush (we often find things to critic

PayPerPost: Wasting Investor Money While Offending Native Americans

Ah, PayPerPost. The controversial Florida-based startup that is leading the effort to tarnish the blogosphere makes another PR blunder. And this one’s a whopper. The company has been chronicling

PayPerPost Raises $7 million More

Controversial pay-per-post startup PayPerPost has raised $7 million in a second round of financing, bringing their total raised capital to just over $10 million. Like their previous round from last Oc

Pay-Per-Play Media: I Was Wrong. TC Competitors Should All Sign Up

I wrote last night about an advertising service from Pay-Per-Play Media that sees 5 second audio ads automatically playing when visiting websites. Annoying would be the nicer way of describing screech

Go To Google Groups. Get Tricked Into Downloading Malware. Do Not Pass Go

Above is a shot of one of many spam blog comments I’ve received lately with multiple links to pages on Google Groups. Spammers have always targeted Google products, and services such as Blogger

How Much Is Your Soul Worth? PayPerPost Now Lets Bloggers Set The Price

PayPerPost, the controversial blogging service that lets advertisers purchase commentary on blogs, has released a new product called PayPerPost Direct. The new product is a widget that bloggers can ad

PayPerPost Acquires Zookoda

Controversial startup PayPerPost will announce the acquisition of Zookoda, an Australian blog-to-email service, tomorrow. We wrote about Zookoda last year, and the company put the product up for sale
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