Aserto announces $5.1M seed to build authorization as a service

Aserto, a new startup from a couple of tech industry vets who want to build an authorization-as-a-service solution, announced a $5.1 million seed round today from Costanoa Ventures, Heavybit Industrie

Tozny introduces encrypted identity tool as part of security service platform

Tozny, a Portland, Oregon startup that wants to help companies more easily incorporate encryption into programs and processes, introduced TozID today. It is an identity and access control tool that ca

Okta introduces ‘Sign in with Okta’ service

Consider that there are millions of Okta users out there using the service to sign into their company applications with a single set of credentials. Yet getting customers to work together using Okta a

Blogger gets a spring cleaning

Blogger, the blogging platform Google acquired back in 2003, is somehow still alive and kicking, even though few people remember it still exists. But alive it is — and it’s even getting so

Some ruminations on decentralization of identifications

It’s tax season, which has me thinking about one of decentralized technology’s holy grails: self-sovereign identities. It’s a stirring vision, of a world in which control over our dr

LinkedIn open sources Flashback, a tool for mocking internet traffic

LinkedIn, the social network for professionals that is now owned by Microsoft, is making one of the tools that it has developed in-house for its own work open for use by others. The company today ann

Google Makes Its Single Sign-On Solution Compatible With More Enterprise Apps

For a while now, Google has offered a single-sign-on service based on the SAML standard. Today, the company is adding SAML 2.0 support for 17 additional enterprise SaaS apps like WebEx, Workday, Marke

As e-sports’ popularity explodes, betting needs to be regulated

Aurangzeb Durrani Contributor Aurangzeb Durrani is a former professional gamer and has been in the e-sports industry since 2006. He is currently the manager of international marketing for Kill Ping. M

OpenID Connect Identity Protocol Launches With Support From Google, Microsoft & Others

Signing users in to a mobile or web app isn't necessarily hard, but keeping their credentials safe is something that's often best left to specialists. The OpenID Foundation today announced the launch

Mobile Authentication Startup Toopher Acquired By Salesforce

Cloud computing giant Salesforce has acquired Toopher, an Austin, Texas-based security software startup. The news was announced on Toopher’s site and confirmed to TechCrunch by Salesforce. Terms of

New Ping Identity Platform Includes Apple Watch Authentication

Ping Identity announced a platform approach to identity management today at the Cloud Identity Summit in San Diego that includes the ability to get your second authentication factor using an Apple Wat

I Want To Run Stateful Containers, Too

Using Amazon for everything feels wrong to me -- a bit like the rebels in Star Wars renting a Star Destroyer from Darth Vader rather than recruiting the Millennium Falcon to fight the Empire. “Raaaw

Mozilla Stops Developing Its Persona Sign-In System Due To Low Adoption

If you don’t know about Mozilla’s Persona sign-in and identity, you’re apparently not the only one. Citing low adoption rates, Mozilla has decided to give up on this project and is a

Eyeing Up Amazon and Salesforce, Google Updates Its Apps Marketplace For Enterprises

Google is currently adding some 5,000 businesses daily as users of its Google Apps platform. But it wants to have more, and to help do that, today it is <a target="_blank" href="http://googleenterpri

Mozilla’s Persona Login System Now Supports All Gmail Addresses Out Of The Box

One of Mozilla's lesser-known projects is <a target="_blank" href="">Persona</a>, a login system that aims to eliminate site-specific passwords so you can log in with your ex

Mozilla’s Persona Login System Is Now In Beta, Takes On OpenID And OAuth

Mozilla's <a target="_blank" href="">Persona</a>, the organization's experimental distributed login system that's an alternative to OpenID and OAuth, is now <a tar

AppDirect Launches API Platform To Connect Developers And App Resellers

There is growing proof that the API is a core value piece for selling software and services. The latest example of this emerging form of commerce comes from <a target="_blank" href="http://www.appdire

Janrain Raises $33M From Salesforce, And Others For Social Log-In Management Platform

<a target="_blank" href="">Janrain</a>, a company that develops a social log-in management platform for developers, has raised $33 million in funding led by Millennium Technology

Account Chooser: A Better Way To Log In To The Web?

The <a href="">OpenID Foundation</a> will <a href="">o
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