Apple uploads entire first episode of ‘Silo’ on Twitter ahead of season finale

Apple has uploaded the entire first episode of its sci-fi dystopian TV show “Silo” on Twitter, allowing anyone on the platform to view it for free. The move comes three days before the streaming service is set to air the show’s season finale.

Silo, which was recently renewed for a second season, is about a toxic future where a community lives in an underground silo. The show is based on the science fiction novel “Wool” written by American author Hugh Howey.

The move is a way for Apple to garner excitement for one of its popular shows by letting people watch it for free in the hopes that they get hooked on it and sign up for an Apple TV+ subscription. The concept isn’t new, as networks have done the same in the past by uploading pilot episodes on YouTube.

Since Twitter recently started allowing longer video uploads for subscribers, Apple is choosing to leverage the social media network’s new capability by promoting its show ahead of its season finale. Apple could be starting a sort of a trend with this move, as we may start to see other companies following suit.