Minecraft is releasing a new version for Chromebooks

Minecraft is releasing a new version of its game Minecraft: Bedrock Edition for Chromebooks for $19.99. The purchase will give users access to Minecraft Marketplace, the ability to play on Realms and the Android version as well.

Google said that Minecraft should be compatible with Chromebooks released in the last three years. Here are the full system requirements for Chromebooks to run Minecraft:

  • Processor: Intel Celeron N4500, Intel i3-7130U, Mediatek MT8183, Qualcomm SC7180, AMD Ryzen 3 3250C or better
  • Operating System: ChromeOS 111
  • System Architecture: 64-bit (x86_64, arm64-v8a)
  • Memory: 4GB RAM
  • Storage: Minimum of 1GB game installation, maps and other files

The company said that Minecraft for Chromebooks will support cross-play with a Microsoft account so you can play with your friends using other devices like Android, Windows systems, PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo Switch. Cross-play gives users access to the Create mode to build with unlimited blocks or hunt for resources in the Survival mode.

Image Credits: Google

However, users won’t be able to port their worlds from another platform and will have to start afresh on their Chromebooks.

While the $19.99 bundle offers access to the game both on Chromebook and Android, users can purchase them separately as well. The Android version costs $6.99 and the upgrade to the Chromebook version costs $13.99.

Google has been trying to push for making Android games compatible with Chromebooks. Last year, it started testing keyboard support for such games on ChromeOS.

Update (07/06/2023 9 PM IST): Earlier version of the article said Minecraft is in early access on Chromebooks based on the support page. However, the company said the page is being updated and the full version is available on Chromebooks.