Google’s Parisa Tabriz to discuss keeping a billion users safe and more on Disrupt’s Security Stage

We can’t say with scientific certainty, but security could be a leading cause of early-stage startup founder insomnia. Locking down your company, product and customer security against constantly evolving threats is an essential, if daunting task. No matter where you fall on the startup journey, you’ll benefit from expert guidance.

We’re excited to announce that Parisa Tabriz, vice president and general manager of Chrome and self-proclaimed Google “security princess,” will provide an abundance of such guidance during a fireside interview on the Security Stage at TechCrunch Disrupt 2023, which takes place on September 19–21.

As Google security princess, Tabriz — whose realm consists of billions of Chrome users around the world — leads Google’s information security engineering team. She’s responsible for Chrome web browser security and also Project Zero, the company’s elite group of security researchers who find security vulnerabilities. It’s through this work that Tabriz helps to ensure that the company’s products (and software) are secure when they ship.

Topics on the table include the gargantuan effort required to secure Chrome, and we’ll explore what startup founders need to know to play the long game with product security. Simply put, your company needs to be secure when you’re ready to scale.

We’re eager to hear what Tabriz sees as the biggest challenges in product security today. We’ll also ask what responsibilities a company takes on when building out its flagship products. Whether protecting user data, preventing supply chain attacks or defending against nation-state threats — like advanced persistent threat (APT) groups or governments — what do companies need to know?

Parisa Tabriz is a technology leader and cybersecurity expert, currently responsible for engineering, product and design of Google Chrome. Tabriz has worked on product development and information security at Google for over a decade, starting as a “hired hacker” software engineer for Google’s security team.

Tabriz has consulted with the White House’s U.S. Digital Service to enhance security of government technology, and she works with entertainment writers to help them understand the world of technology so they can create and depict more accurate, diverse stories.

Hear more conversations with leading experts on the Security Stage, which features topics like data protection, privacy regulations, information sharing, risk management and more. It’s just one of the six new stages for six breakthrough sectors at Disrupt.

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