DistroKid releases new iPhone app, says Android launch coming soon

DistroKid, an independent music distribution service that musicians use to put music into online stores and streaming services, has released a new iPhone app that allows its users to upload new music, edit previous releases, check streaming stats and more, all from their phones.

The new app allows artists, bands, DJs and producers to add lyrics or credits to releases, check earnings and manage which releases appear on their artist page in streaming services. In addition, the app includes a “You’ve got money” push notification that chimes every time new money hits your account.

DistroKid's new iPhone app

Image Credits: DistroKid

“Musicians have been requesting a DistroKid app for a long time,” the company wrote. “But the majority of musicians still needed a laptop computer to access their music; so building a mobile app (in lieu of focusing solely on the desktop website) hadn’t hit super high priority. But more recently, (a) the proliferation of app-based DAWs, and (b) improvements in mobile file systems like the iPhone ‘Files’ app, meant the mobile experience can be awesome. So the time for a native DistroKid mobile app was nigh.”

DistroKid plans to continually improve the app and add new features. The company is also working on an Android app, but didn’t provide a potential release window for the launch.

The launch of the new app comes as the company unveiled an “intelligent mastering tool” called Mixea last month. The tool, which costs $99 a year for unlimited access, optimizes bass, compression, stereo enhancement and more to make music “radio ready” instantly. Last year, DistroKid launched a new music video distribution service called DistroVid to allow any artist to upload an unlimited number of music videos to Apple Music, Amazon Music, Tidal and Vevo. The membership costs $99 annually.

Founded in 2013, DistroKid’s most recent investment from 2021 put the company’s valuation at $1.3 billion. At the time, DistroKid said more than two million artists use its service.