Meet the Disrupt Audience Choice roundtable winners

You voted in droves and the results are finally in! We can’t wait to hear the 10 incredible roundtables that you chose to send to TechCrunch Disrupt 2023, September 19–21 in San Francisco.

After counting literally thousands of votes, we’re ready to share the winners with you. But first…

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The top 10 roundtables presenting at TechCrunch Disrupt 2023

Talk about an embarrassment of riches. All of these topics are designed to help you build a better business and scale into unicorn territory. Plus, roundtables are the perfect place to connect and potentially collaborate with like-minded entrepreneurs. Ready to meet them? Let’s do it.

Building a Strong Company Culture for Virtual Teams: Best Practices for Remote Onboarding

Speaker: Luciana Leuci García, founder, trainer and mentor, Jobpont

How the Fortune 500 Is Buying AI Software (or Not!)

Speaker: Sandhya Hegde, general partner, Unusual Ventures

How to Build a Team for a Growing Startup

Speaker: Emilia Vicini, HR manager, Kadre LLC

How to Leverage Real-Time Payments to Expand Product Capability and Accessibility 

Speaker: Rocio Wu, principal, F-Prime Capital

“Impactpreneurship” and “Coopetition”: How to Run Your Business Without Ruining You

Speaker: Emeka Nwachinemere, CEO, Kitovu Technology Company

Revolutionizing Healthcare with AI: Real-Life Use Cases and Solutions

Speaker: Eugenio Zuccarelli, data science manager, CVS Health

The Art of Choosing the Right Investor: A Guide for Startup Founders

Speaker: Sergey Gribov, partner, Flint Capital international VC fund

The Power of Personal Branding for Founders

Speaker: Kotryna Kurt, CEO and founder, Linkedist

The State of VC Financing: What Startups Need to Know and Negotiate

Speaker: Lindsey Mignano, founding partner, SSM

War Stories with Founder Equity and Cap Tables

Speaker: Sam Wong, CEO, Fundable Startups

Join the global startup community and hear all of these incredible roundtables at TechCrunch Disrupt 2023, September 19–21 in San Francisco. Buy your pass now and save up to $625.

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