WhatsApp introduces a new Windows client with better calling features

WhatsApp today released a new Windows client that it says brings performance improvements and better calling features. The new version also supports multi-device sync, which means you can use WhatsApp even if your phone is switched off.

The new desktop app also brings support for video calls with up to eight people and audio calls with up to 32 people, similar to the mobile app. The company said it will increase the number of people allowed in a group call going forward.

WhatsApp has been concentrating on improving its desktop experience since it announced multi-device linking, which lets you use one account across multiple devices.

In June, the company introduced a new Mac client in public beta that brought performance improvements for Apple Silicone-based systems. The Meta-owned messaging service is also testing a new version optimized for Android tablets.

Earlier this week, WhatsApp also announced two new group-related features. The first one will let group admins scan requests for joining their groups under the “Pending Participants” section, and the second feature will let you see shared groups in search results when you look for a name. Earlier, you had to go to a contact’s profile to look at common groups.