Got product-market fit? Learn how to find it at TC Early Stage

Achieving product-market fit (PMF) arguably ranks as both the No. 1 strategic objective and the biggest challenge for early-stage founders. Hitting this critical milestone tells you — and any investors you hope to attract — that there’s consistent, enthusiastic demand for your product.

Everyone defines PMF differently, and that fact alone makes finding yours a real challenge. This one crucial achievement determines the future growth and profitability of your startup, which is why we’re thrilled to have David Thacker, the general partner at Greylock Partners, join us at TechCrunch Early Stage on April 20 in Boston, Massachusetts.

During his session, aptly named “How to Find Product-Market Fit,” Thacker will share the fundamentals, explain the processes involved and address the challenges. Given his extensive experience building in a downturn, it’s likely he’ll touch on why PMF matters even more during an economic headwind.

You have questions, and this is why we believe Thacker’s the right person to help you understand and find product-market fit now — when you need it most.

David Thacker, a partner at Greylock, invests in founders building productivity tools, front office software and vertical SaaS, along with marketplaces and gaming. During a previous economic recession, he played a key role in several successful investments such as Redfin, Pandora and TellApart. His investments include companies like Magical, Instawork, Curated and Pragma.

An experienced technology leader, Thacker has created new businesses and products for some of the most iconic companies in the world, including Google, LinkedIn and Groupon. Throughout his career as a technologist, he has built, launched and scaled products across several industry verticals, including e-commerce, gaming, social networking and online advertising.

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