TikTok’s new feature will tell you why a particular video appeared in your For You feed

TikTok is launching a new feature that allows users to see why a particular video was recommended to them in their For You feed, the company announced on Tuesday. The new feature is designed to bring more context to content recommended in For You feeds, TikTok says.

To understand why a particular video has been recommended to you in your For You feed, you can now tap on the share panel and select the question mark icon called “Why this video.” From there, you can see reasons why a particular video was recommended to you.

TikTok's new recommendations feature

Image Credits: TikTok

You may be informed that you saw a particular video because of your interactions, such as content you watch, like or share, comments you post or searches. Or, you may be told that you have been shown the video because of accounts you follow. TikTok says you may also be informed that you were shown a particular video because it was posted recently in your region or that the content is popular in your region.

“This feature is one of many ways we’re working to bring meaningful transparency to the people who use our platform, and builds on a number of steps we’ve taken towards that goal,” the company said in a blog post. “Looking ahead, we’ll continue to expand this feature to bring more granularity and transparency to content recommendations.”

TikTok’s personalized For You page algorithm is largely behind the app’s success due to its ability to show users content they will likely find interesting. But, the algorithm system isn’t perfect, as you may sometimes come across a video that doesn’t cater to you. In cases like these, you can now learn more about why the video appeared on your For You page. Although TikTok has already explained how its recommendations work, the new feature launching today offers users additional and specific context about why a specific video was shown to them.