Instagram’s new transparency tools will tell you if your content is ineligible to be recommended

Instagram announced today that it’s introducing new transparency tools so you can see whether your photos and videos are recommended in the app. The social network is expanding its Account Status hub to make it easier for users with professional accounts, like businesses and creators, to understand if their content is eligible to be recommended to non-followers in places like Explore, Reels and Feed Recommendations or if their content violates the company’s Recommendations Guidelines.

Instagram launched Accounts Status last year as a place where you can find out if your account is in good standing. Account Status lets users see any content that’s been removed from their account, appeal those decisions directly via the app and see if they’re at risk of losing their account.

With this latest update, if you discover that your content is not eligible to be recommended, you can see a sample of content or components of your profile that may go against Instagram’s Recommendations Guidelines. From there, you can edit or delete posts that go against the company’s guidelines.

“We know that, for many creators, having Instagram recommend your content is a great way to reach new fans and grow your audience,” Instagram said in a blog post. “That’s why it’s important to us that creators understand our guidelines and are able to know if something they’ve posted or have in their profile may be impacting their reach to non-followers. It’s also why we’re introducing the ability to disagree with our decision so our review team can take another look as quickly as possible and we can continue to improve our detection technology.”

Instagram says the goal of these new updates is to help users understand issues with their accounts. The social network plans to continue improving its Account Status hub to cover more areas of the app, such as Search and Suggested Accounts. Instagram also wants to add more ways for users to understand and fix issues that may affect how they reach non-followers.

You can navigate to the Account Status hub by going into your profile settings and clicking on “Account” and then tapping Account Status.