Amazon announces Eventbridge Pipes, a simpler way to connect events from multiple services

As developers use multiple Amazon services to compose an application, they typically have to write glue code to communicate between the different services, which can be a time-consuming manual exercise. But today at AWS re:Invent in Las Vegas, the company announced an easier way to connect AWS services called Amazon Eventbridge Pipes.

Werner Vogels, chief technology officer at Amazon, introduced the new feature today at his keynote address, saying it brings the simplicity of pipes to the process. “So many of our customers who want to actually build these sort of connections between different services, have to write a little glue code. And as always, I kept thinking why can’t we just use the pipes principle here? So I’m happy to announce today, Eventbridge Pipes, which allow you to easily stitch AWS services together,” he said.

It’s highly flexible, allowing developers to use a lambda function or an API, or whatever they are using to manipulate the data inside the pipe before it reaches the consumer. “So the idea is that you should no longer have to write the glue code because you can easily stitch these services together. And if you would want to actually manipulate the events before they reach the consumer, you can actually provide a lambda function or a point-to-step function or API gateway to actually run some code to manipulate the events that are flowing through your pipe,” he explained

As the company wrote in a blog post announcing the new feature, “With Amazon EventBridge Pipes, you can integrate supported AWS and self-managed services as event producers and event consumers into your application in a simple, reliable, consistent and cost-effective way.”

Eventbridge Pipes is now generally available in all regions, accord to AWS.

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