Backbone launches an Android version of its mobile gaming controller

We tend to write fondly about Backbone’s mobile gaming controller around these parts, but the recommendation has always come with one asterisk: to date, it’s really been meant mostly for iPhones. You could use a cable to make it work with other devices — but Android users, for example, haven’t been able to just pop their phone into the controller’s stretchy grips and start playing.

That’ll change soon. This week the company is starting to roll out its Android-focused model, swapping USB-C in place of the Lightning connectivity of the iPhone build.

The Android version will go for the same $99 as its iPhone equivalent — and while shipping times might shift as orders roll in, the company currently says orders placed now will arrive by Christmas.

If you were hoping for an Android-version of Backbone’s PlayStation Edition — the Sony-approved build that comes in white rather than black, swaps the A/B/X/Y buttons for the PS5’s triangle/X/square/circle glyphs and adds a PS logo on the back — it doesn’t seem to be an option so far.

The company is also rolling out an Android-friendly version of the controller’s companion app, which acts as an access hub for your Backbone-friendly games, voice chat with friends and allows you to record gameplay clips by tapping that orange button on the controller.

Image Credits: Backbone