Jane Technologies launches its first iOS app for cannabis shopping

Jane Technologies’ impressive cannabis marketplace is finally available in an app. The company today launched its first iOS app, enabling users to browse the inventory of local cannabis dispensaries and make purchases within the app.

Its web-based marketplace is lovely, and I’ve found it amazingly accurate, thanks to its live inventory information. I’m thrilled the company is bringing the power of its web marketplace to a smartphone app. Users can shop local retailers by stores, products or categories and browse confidently, knowing the listed inventory is accurate.

There are plenty of ways to buy weed through a smartphone. Weedmaps, Leafy and Eaze are among the most popular. When asked what makes Jane’s app different, CEO and founder Socrates Rosenfeld tells TechCrunch it comes down to the data.

“We’ve been a boring company for some time, and we’ve been focused on developing proprietary technology. And we have a lot of IP now that can cleanse and locate a single SKU in real time. So to put that in perspective, we’ve seen many tech providers struggle with finding a specific SKU sitting on a store shelf in real time.”

Since its founding in 2015, Jane has been dedicated to helping dispensaries provide accurate e-commerce information to consumers. On the dispensary side, Jane’s product cleanses and standardizes SKUs, ensuring products have unified metadata. Consumers and retailers benefit from this trusted source of data. And without this data set, Jane couldn’t have built the app.

“Now we have the foundation upon which we can layer on a marketplace,” CEO Rosenfeld said, “and provide a shopping experience that we think is the shopping experience for how people will shop for cannabis for generations to come because it replicates other CPG verticals like Amazon and Drizzly.”

Jane Technologies was founded in 2015 by Socrates Rosenfeld and is headquartered in Soquel, California. The company has raised $127 million over three rounds of fundraising.