US VC funding is holding up, but globally things are far from fair

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Your regular host Anna Heim is off this week on a much-deserved vacation, so I’m stepping back into my old role as newsletter scribe. It’s good fun to write this note, frankly, so thanks for having me.

Today we’re taking a look at the good news from the venture market we covered this week, but with an added global perspective. We’re broadening our lens a bit to get more general figures to better understand if the good news from the United States is holding up elsewhere. Call it a look abroad in Anna’s honor. To work! — Alex

The Good

In the United States, venture capital activity is holding up better than we anticipated. That’s good. Perhaps even better, venture interest in software startups is looking downright robust. That matters because most startups are software companies; if software startups are healthy, then upstart tech companies in general are doing OK. And given the United States’ weighty influence on startups overall, then startups must be OK everywhere, right?