Roku will now work with Nielsen to track cross-media viewership

Today, Nielsen announced that Roku plans to enable four-screen measurement across desktop, mobile, connected TV and traditional TV. This is the first time Roku will use the digital methodology, Nielsen One, the data measurement firm’s cross-media measurement tool, which launches next year.

In the age of streaming, it’s becoming more challenging for companies to measure data across the many devices people use to consume content.

With Nielsen’s forthcoming tool, the firm claims that the company is on track to provide a consistent and comparable cross-media solution.

TV networks have become frustrated over the years with Nielsen for its inaccurate audience measurement tools. In September 2021, the Media Rating Council suspended the company’s National TV rating accreditation.

Nielsen also claims that, with Nielsen One, marketers running ads with Roku are guaranteed duplicate copies of repeating data are eliminated.

“Marketers can now better evaluate CTV inventory’s unique reach and frequency in conjunction with their entire Roku buy in a comparable and comprehensive manner, and advertisers can reduce waste and help ensure that relevant ads are delivered to the right audiences across devices. This release brings us one step closer to providing comparable and deduplicated metrics across screens with Nielsen One,” said Kim Gilberti, SVP, Product Management, Nielsen, in a statement.

The data measurement firm wrote in today’s announcement that its relationship with Roku dates back to 2016 when Roku allowed its marketers to measure campaigns with Nielsen Digital Ad Ratings measurement.

“We believe that all TV ads will be accountable and measurable. Our direct consumer relationship, our scale, and our tech all make us uniquely positioned to work with Nielsen to make measurement simpler and more accurate as marketers shift spend to TV streaming,” added Asaf Davidov, head of Ad Measurement and Research, Roku.

Nielsen announced Nielsen One in 2020. Earlier this year, it was revealed that YouTube would be the first media company to try the new tool. Roku is the second company to enable cross-media measurement.