Meta’s rebranding of Facebook Pay to Meta Pay is rolling out globally

Facebook Pay is officially being renamed Meta Pay for users around the world, the company announced on Wednesday. Meta kicked off the rebrand in the United States in June, and is now making the change globally. Starting today, users will see the rebrand roll out across Meta’s products in nearly 200 countries. The company notes that the change to Meta Pay is a brand name change only, and that current product features and the overall user experience will remain the same.

Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg previously noted that although the service will remain the same, the rename represents Meta’s first step toward creating a digital wallet for the metaverse. He said his vision for a digital wallet in the metaverse will let users securely manage their identities, what they own and how they pay.

“In the future there will be all sorts of digital items you might want to create or buy — digital clothing, art, videos, music, experiences, virtual events and more,” Zuckerberg said in a Facebook post in June. “Proof of ownership will be important, especially if you want to take some of these items with you across different services. Ideally, you should be able to sign into any metaverse experience and everything you’ve bought should be right there.”

Meta has been in payments since 2009 and says people use its platforms to make payments in 160 countries and 55 currencies, including person to person, business to business and business to consumer payments.

Facebook changed its corporate branding to Meta in October to capture more of the company’s core ambition, which is to build the metaverse.