Streaming service Epix will get a face-lift and relaunch as MGM+ in 2023

On the same day that Lionsgate renamed Starzplay to Lionsgate+, MGM’s Epix announced it would also get a “+” in its brand title. Epix, the ad-free streaming service, announced today that it will relaunch as MGM+ in early 2023.

While the new name is hardly original, mainly the plus sign, the rebranding comes as streaming services continue to take on the name of their larger brands. This, of course, includes Lionsgate’s new Lionsgate+. Can we stop with the plus signs now?

Also, it’s doubtful that the timing of MGM’s news and Lionsgate’s announcement is just a coincidence. Epix was previously owned by Lionsgate and Viacom. In 2017, MGM acquired full ownership of Epix in a $1 billion deal.

Amazon completed its acquisition of MGM this past March.

“This rebrand is a promise to existing and new viewers that MGM+ is the place to find television that reflects and celebrates the legacy of the iconic MGM brand — cinematic programming with sophisticated storytelling that entertains, delights, surprises, and transports. MGM is television for movie lovers,” said Michael Wright, head of MGM+, in a statement.

As part of the rebranding, MGM+ also greenlit four original series, coming to the service next year. The list includes “Hotel Cocaine,” an eight-episode drama series; the second season of “Belgravia” called “Belgravia: The Next Chapter”; an untitled four-part docuseries about the Amityville murders; and a two-part documentary series called “San Francisco Sounds” (working title).

MGM+ will continue to have the same content as Epix, including features from MGM’s film lineup.

The streamer will also continue to be available on Amazon Prime Video in the U.S., along with other devices and the rebranded MGM+ app.