The new AirPods Pro case has a built-in speaker, perfect for the ‘Find My’ app

One of the most frustrating experiences you can have with an Apple product is losing your AirPods. Apple’s products are so deeply interconnected that it doesn’t make sense why, until a few months ago, the “Find My” technology couldn’t tell you that you lost a headphone at your friend’s house. Evidently, the Apple team agreed.

Now, the next generation of AirPods Pro will be even better at helping you locate your missing earbuds. Each individual AirPod can play a sound, just in case you lose them outside of the case. But the case itself will also get its own speaker, which will play a louder chime tone when you look for it using “Find My.” The speaker will also indicate low battery, as well as notify you when you start charging your AirPods. Speaking of which, the new case is now compatible to charge using an Apple Watch charger or a MagSafe charger.

Another new feature that we can’t help but wonder why it didn’t exist until now: You can attach a lanyard to your AirPods Pro case. Gone are the days of buying a cheap, third-party silicon case solely so that you can hook your AirPods case on your belt loop.

These new AirPods Pro, priced at $249, will go on sale for preorder on September 9 and become available on September 23.

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