Apple introduces the Apple Watch Ultra

In addition to the Apple Watch Series 8, Apple unveiled a brand new Apple Watch model at its press conference. The Apple Watch Ultra has been specifically designed for intense sports tracking. It is a larger model with better battery life. It also has a different body that should resist extreme weather conditions.

The case is made of aerospace titanium and is 49mm in size. It is much larger than typical watches and also larger than existing Apple Watch models. The screen is completely flat and is made of sapphire crystal, which should increase sturdiness. It still has the familiar crown but there’s an additional action button to quickly access a range of features. For instance, you can use the button to mark a segment without having to fiddle with the screen. Buttons have been designed to be accessible even when you’re wearing gloves.

Cellular is a standard feature of all Apple Watch Ultra models and this new model has improved multiband GPS. The battery life can reach 36 hours of battery life. There will be a new battery optimization feature as well coming later this fall. With this setting on, you can reach 60 hours of battery life.

Users will also experience a new “Wayfinder” watch face that features a lot of information, including a compass in the dial. There are multiple new bands coming with this new watch as well. The alpine loop is a nylon loop with two layers. There’s the rugged ocean loop that works well with high-speed water sports and the lightweight trail loop.

The speaker is quite loud and can be used in brand new ways. For instance, you can use the action button to launch an 86 db alert when you need assistance. The microphone has also been improved for windy situations.

The Apple Watch Ultra also is WR-100 water resistant — and it has an automatic built-in depth gauge. It’s also EN13319 certified, which means you can use it as a dive computer.

With this model, it’s clear that Apple wants to compete with Garmin and Polar. Many sports enthusiasts have been saying that the battery life on the regular Apple Watch is simply not good enough. That changes with the Apple Watch Ultra.

But it’s not going to be a cheap model. The Apple Watch Ultra costs $799. It is available to preorder today and it will ship on September 23.

Apple Event 2022 Apple watch image

Apple Event 2022 Apple watch image, close up of band

Image Credits: Apple

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