Withing’s new scale takes body-composition measuring to a new level

Following hot on the heels of the Withings Body Scan, the company today announced a new smart scale. Body Comp is a “complete body assessment scale” that makes biomarkers that are usually reserved for professional clinical settings, available for at-home users. It also announced Health+, an enhanced service providing detailed health analysis and tools to help people improve their health.

“Knowledge is power, and to affect meaningful change, people need an in-depth understanding of health data, why it matters and how it changes. We have worked with a team of behavior change, fitness, medical and nutritional experts for over 12 months to help interpret market-leading data from Withings devices. Today we are thrilled to unveil Health+ along with Body Comp, the first device to benefit from its advanced health metric assessments and habit-building modules on 4 key pillars — sleep, nutrition, activity and stress management,” said Mathieu Letombe, CEO of Withings, in an emailed statement. “Providing services is an important strategic step for Withings, and with Body Comp and Health+, we have developed a bundled product that can provide ongoing body health improvement.”

The new device offers complete home health body assessments via embedded sensors that can monitor multiple biomarkers associated with general and chronic health risks, including:

  • Full body composition (weight, muscle mass, fat mass, water %, bone mass, BMI, and for the first time, visceral fat).
  • Cardiovascular assessment (standing heart rate, vascular age).
  • Nerve health assessment (“Nerve Health Score” computed from electrochemical skin conductance).

The company claims it is the first scale to measure body fat, visceral fat (the fat hidden around the organs in your belly), vascular age (the pliability of your blood vessels) and nerve health (the function of the nerves in your feet) in one consumer device.

Bundled together, Body Comp and 12-month access to Health+ will be available from October 4, 2022, priced at $210.