Instagram tests a ‘Live Producer’ tool that lets you go live from a desktop using streaming software

Instagram is testing a new Live Producer tool that allows broadcasters to go live from a desktop using streaming software, such as OBS, Streamyard and Streamlabs. The Meta-owned company told TechCrunch that the tool is still in the testing phase and is not fully rolled out yet.

“We are always working on ways to make Instagram Live a meaningful place for shared experiences,” a spokesperson for Meta said in an email. “We’re now testing a way to allow broadcasters to go Live using streaming software with a small group of partners.”

Instagram says the new integration opens up production features outside the traditional phone camera, including additional cameras, external microphones and graphics.

To use the new tool, you need to first select which streaming software you’ll be using for your live event. You can start by opening your streaming software interface and locating where to input your URL and stream key. Instagram says the URL and stream key will allow you to broadcast your streaming software setup directly to Instagram Live. Next, you need to open the desktop version of Instagram and click the “Add post” button and select “Live” from the dropdown menu.

Instagram Live Producer

Image Credits: Instagram

You can then enter the title of your live video within the “Go Live” screen and select your audience. If you select “Practice,” your live video will not broadcast to anyone. If you select “Public,” you will broadcast to your followers as a normal live video would. You will then see a screen that contains your unique URL and stream key, with instructions on how to use them.

Within the Live Producer viewer on, you’ll see a preview of what your stream will look like. The Live Producer preview should mirror what you’ve set up on the streaming software.

Instagram notes that if you end your stream in the streaming software before you end your Live Producer broadcast, the live video will continue while displaying the last frame received from the streaming software. The company encourages users to end the broadcast on Live Producer first before ending the stream on the streaming software in order to ensure their live video ends smoothly.

In addition, broadcasters will only be able to view and respond to comments within Live Producer. Other Live features, including Live Rooms, Shopping, Fundraisers, comment pinning and Q&A, are not supported by Live Producer. Moderation also isn’t supported by Live Producer at this time, the company says.

Instagram notes that you can view, share and download your completed broadcast within the Live Archive. However, you can only share and download a completed live video from within the Live Archive if you have it enabled. The Live Archive can be accessed on Instagram mobile from your profile.

The company didn’t say when it plans to roll out the tool to all users.