TechCrunch podcasts this week: Crypto cults, 2022 term sheets and how to win Startup Battlefield

TechCrunch is more than just a site with words. We’re also building a growing stable of podcasts focused on the most critical topics relating to the startup and venture capital worlds. To help you find the right show for your interests, we’ve compiled our audio output from the week.

Embedded below is the latest from Chain Reaction, our stellar crypto-focused podcast hosted by Lucas and Anita. You will also find Found, a long-form bit of work that goes deep on the real saga of company formation, from Jordan and Darrell. There’s an audio-only version of TechCrunch Live hosted by Matt that features founders and investors discussing successful pitch decks. Finally, there’s Equity, TechCrunch’s long-running, Webby-award-winning podcast focused on venture capital and the latest startup news, hosted by NatashaMary Ann and Alex.

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The TechCrunch Podcast

Episode 7: Crypto community or crumbling cult? And other TC news

This week on The TechCrunch Podcast our host, Managing Editor Darrell Etherington talks with Jacquelyn Melinek about the power and pitfalls of crypto communities, and Devin Coldewey about why Pornhub’s COO and CEO have unceremoniously stepped down. And as always, you’ll get a rundown of the week’s top news on TechCrunch.

Articles from the episode:

Other news from the week:

Chain Reaction

Episode 12: Doodles CEO on expanding their cartoon NFT empire (w/ Julian Holguin)

Welcome back, this week Anita was off on vacation so Lucas was joined by TC crypto reporter Jacquelyn Melinek to discuss what happened in the crypto world this week. They dove into the topic of the Solana Saga phone, discussed FTX’s alleged interest in buying up Robinhood and chatted about some of the crypto financial firms that are currently in deep… trouble.

In this week’s interview, Lucas chatted with Julian Holguin, the CEO of Doodles. Doodles is a very popular NFT project that has done just over $500 million in total sales volume. Holguin was previously a big exec at Billboard and has taken on the task of scaling the Doodles brand into an intellectual property powerhouse. The firm just banked its first round of venture funding from Alexis Ohanian and is gearing up for some big new NFT launches as it looks to keep the party going even amid a crypto downturn.

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Helpful links:

FTX says no active talks to buy Robinhood

OSOM’s OV1 is now Solana’s web3 Android handset, Saga

North Korean Lazarus hackers linked to $100M Harmony bridge theft

The TechCrunch Live Podcast

Episode 9: Forethought AI’s CEO explains the pitch deck that won Startup Battlefield at TechCrunch Disrupt 2018

TechCrunch Live records weekly, live, each Wednesday at 3:00 pm EDT / 12:00 pm PDT.

Forethought AI won Startup Battlefield at TechCrunch Disrupt 2018. Since then, the company has raised two rounds of funding and is now a leader in human-centric artificial intelligence. During this live event, Dean Nicholas, CEO and co-founder of Forethought, and Vanessa Larco, NEA partner and Forethought board observer, talked through the company’s early days. The two talked in depth about how Forethought launched its AI-based service amid stiff competition and a booming tech industry.

Nicholas shared the pitch deck that helped the company win Startup Battlefield. He admits: The deck’s design isn’t pretty, but it worked in part because of several key slides around traction and partners.

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Episode 64: Christine Tao, Sounding Board

Christine Tao knows good leaders have good executive coaches. She founded Sounding Board to make it easier for companies to manage, scale and measure leadership coaching on one unified platform. This week, she talks to Darrell and Jordan about difficulties she and her co-founder faced while fundraising and how they established the customer type that made scaling possible.

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Episode 534: Understanding the not-so-fine print of 2022 term sheets

This is our Wednesday show, where we niche down to a single topic, think about a question and unpack the rest. This week, Natasha asked: What’s in the fine print for term sheets these days, and what does that tell us about who is going to be in control during the downturn? 

The question was inspired by a recent story by Becca Szkutak — one of TC’s newest venture reporters — about how deal terms look different in a downturn. Of course that means we had to bring on Szkutak to talk about her story and dig into a further analysis of how founder friendliness is being challenged right now. Expect a tactical episode all about different terms that may start sneaking into term sheets, the cost benefit analysis of each and why down rounds aren’t the end of the world.

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Episode 533: Leverage, red flags, and a changing venture landscape

Hello and welcome back to Equity, a podcast about the business of startups, where we unpack the numbers and nuance behind the headlines.

Alex and Grace are back to cover the biggest, boldest and baddest technology news. This week we are not recording on a Tuesday as it’s a regular week. Though we would add that Equity will be live on Thursday, when we record our Friday episode. So if you wanted to come hang, make sure that you are following the show on Twitter.

Right, so what did we get into this morning?

So, a great way to start the week. We kid. Chat soon!

Episode 532: All this startup news, and we didn’t even talk about Juul

Hello and welcome back to Equity, TechCrunch’s venture capital-focused podcast, where we unpack the numbers behind the headlines.

Today Natasha and Alex were on the mics, kicking back and riffing through the biggest technology stories of the week. Our dear Mary Ann was off this week, but will be back in short order.

What did we get into? A bevy of blistering bromides, naturally:

All in all it was a good time and we are back Monday!

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