TechCrunch podcasts roundup: Bill Gates on climate, the current health of fintech, and Latashá on what web3 offers artists

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The TechCrunch Podcast

This week on the TechCrunch Podcast our host, Managing Editor Darrell Etherington talks with Bill Gates (yes, that Bill Gates) about whether we can still avoid climate disaster, the importance of crypto and Elon Musk’s time management skills. He also talks with TC writer Ingrid Owen about Spotify’s acquisition of the Voice AI startup Sonatic. And as always, you’ll get a rundown of the week’s top news on TechCrunch.

Articles from the episode:

Other news from the week:

Chain Reaction

Welcome back, this week Anita and Lucas discuss the $258 billion Dogecoin lawsuit facing Elon Musk, how crypto collectible lovers are partying through the pain at the NFT NYC event and how some DAOs are showing the dark side of digital democracy.

In their interview this week, Lucas and Anita got the chance to talk with musician and visual artist Latashá. In addition to creating crypto art, Latashá is the head of Community at NFT startup Zora, which recently raised a big round of funding. We talked with her about how the downturn will impact crypto creators and what web3 really has to offer artists.

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Anja Health CEO and founder, Kathryn Cross, knows all too well that banking cord blood stem cells can be life-saving. Anja Health’s mission is to make storing stem cells accessible to everyone — regardless of race, socioeconomic status or income and she’s getting her message out in an unlikely space. The 23-year-old TikTok influencer turned founder is a staunch believer in the power of marketing on social media. In this episode, she walks Darrell and Jordan through how the different social channels can be helpful to founders in different industries and why she thinks every company will have to be its own influencer.

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TechCrunch Live

According to Mike Ghaffary, GP at Canvas Ventures, NuBrakes founder Walker Drewett is building a high-growth business powered by a marketplace model, which is why Ghaffary led the company’s Series A. The product is simple: On-demand vehicle brake repair services. Hear how Drewett raised capital and built NuBrakes on the learnings from his previous startup, NuWash (it’s on-demand car washes, of course). TechCrunch transportation editor Kirsten Korosec hosts.

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Alex and Grace are back to cover the biggest, boldest and baddest technology news. This is our Monday show, coming to you this week on a Tuesday was a holiday for many American workers, in honor of Juneteenth. So, we’re doing our weekly kickoff one day later than usual. Here’s what we got into:

This is our Wednesday show, where we niche down to a single topic, think about a question and unpack the rest. This week, Natasha and Alex asked: After a multi-year fundraising boom, what is the current health of the fintech startup market?

The episode was inspired by a rigamarole of news, including but not limited to Klarna’s potential valuation haircutApple’s BNPL announcementBrex’s partial market retreat and Wealthsimple’s staffing cuts.

The other reason that we’re chatting fintech is that after attracting a simply huge chunk of venture capital in the last few years has gone into the sector. And that means that so very many startups are in play when we discuss the fintech niche. This is not just a few unicorns, and decacorns, but a flat-out fleet of companies that are now stuck waiting for the venture capital market to reignite.

With Affirm and Klarna showing just how far prices for fintech revenues have fallen, what’s ahead? How worried should founders be? We dug into all that and more!

Natasha and Alex were on the mics for our Friday show, kicking back and riffing through the biggest technology stories of the week. Our dear Mary Ann was off this week, but will be back in short order.

What did we get into? A bevy of blistering bromides, naturally:

All in all it was a good time and we are back Monday!

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