Reddit partners with Netflix to give Redditors ‘Stranger Things’ custom avatars

The social network Reddit unveiled new custom avatars inspired by Netflix’s “Stranger Things” characters ahead of the anticipated season four premiere this Friday, May 27. This is the first partnership between Reddit and Netflix, and the limited-time avatars will be available until August.

Redditors can now update their avatar to become the Demogorgon (which looks oddly adorable), Eleven, police chief Jim Hopper or Steve Harrington dressed in his Scoops Ahoy uniform (see picture above). To change your avatar, simply click on your profile (via the side-drawer drop-down menu) and choose “Style Avatar.” The new Stranger Things avatars will be located in the “Explore” tab.

These digital treats on Reddit are a celebration of the show and the millions of Netflix subscribers that have watched it over the years.

Netflix has heavily promoted the upcoming season with merchandise, events and more. For instance, New Yorkers can book tickets to see the “Stranger Things: Experience” in Brooklyn. In addition, Domino’s developed a “mind-ordering” app, and Doritos revealed limited-edition packaging as well as teased a “Live from the Upside Down” concert happening in the summer. Also, Monopoly revealed some major spoilers in its new game design, which upset some viewers and even the show’s creators who weren’t consulted about the board game (Google at your own risk).

The third season of “Stranger Things” appeared on Netflix three years ago, so it’s safe to say that fans have been waiting for the new season for a while. Season three saw the Hawkins friends battling the Mind Flayer and destroying the new mall in the process.

Now high school students, the group in season four will continue to experience all the weird stuff happening in town. Hopper was also presumed dead in the previous season. However, in the trailer, we see that he is, in fact, alive and being held in a Russian prison. Viewers will see Eleven, Joyce, Will and Jonathan take on a new life in California as well.

The new season will be split into two parts with “Volume 1” coming to the platform on May 27 and “Volume 2” appearing on July 1. The first part will carry the bulk of the season with seven episodes, and the second part will have the longest episodes ever and a finale that’s almost two and a half hours.