Bill Gates is coming to TC Sessions: Climate

Last year, Bill Gates released “How to Avoid a Climate Disaster.” It’s a surprisingly breezy read about an extremely heavy topic. The book is a manifesto of sorts, exploring existing technologies and the future breakthroughs that can reduce greenhouse gas emissions down to zero.

Gates writes, “What we need now is a plan that turns all this momentum into practical steps to achieve our big goals.”

As we began the process of planning TechCrunch’s first-ever TC Sessions: Climate event, we put together a short list of dream speakers for the event. Since the outset, Gates’ name has been right at the top. Today, we’re excited to announce that the founder of Microsoft, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Breakthrough Energy, TerraPower and Cascade Investment (among others) will be joining us onstage at our inaugural event at UC Berkeley on June 14.

Gates, best known as a driving force in the creation of the personal computer and his subsequent philanthropic work, has made the climate emergency a key focus of his work over recent years. In 2015, he announced a fund dedicated to getting the world to net zero emissions by 2050 and, in that same year, he founded Breakthrough Energy — a network of investment vehicles, nonprofits and philanthropic programs committed to achieving that goal.

Breakthrough Energy has brought together A-list investors in a bid to speed up climate tech innovations. The company focuses on venture investments, scientific and energy solutions and working with global governments to achieve these goals. It’s an attempt to realize the three-point vision he lays out in his new book:

  1. To avoid a climate disaster, we have to get to zero greenhouse gas emissions.
  2. We need to deploy the tools we already have, like solar and wind, faster and smarter.
  3. And we need to create and roll out breakthrough technologies that can take us the rest of the way.

Gates will join us to discuss this vision and the technologies necessary to solve the dire — but not hopeless — situation the planet is facing.

TC Sessions: Climate 2022 takes place at UC Berkeley’s Zellerbach Hall in Berkeley, California, on June 14 with an online event June 16. Don’t miss your chance to meet, connect and collaborate with the leading innovators in climate tech. Buy your pass today, and you’ll save $200 before prices go up at the door.