iOS 15.5 brings new Apple Cash update that lets you send and request money directly in Wallet

Apple users can now request and send money from their Apple Cash card directly through the Wallet app with the launch of iOS 15.5. The company notes that to request or send money directly from Wallet, users can open up the app, tap on their Apple Cash card to view it, tap “request or send,” add the recipient’s info, enter a cash amount and follow the steps to complete the request or transaction. 

The company notes that users can also continue to send and request money directly in Messages by tapping the Apple Cash button in Messages, entering the amount and then selecting Request or Pay.

Apple Cash can be used with Apple Pay on iPhone, Apple Watch and iPad, or be transferred to a bank account. In addition, parents can set up an Apple Cash card for their children and easily and securely send their children money with Apple Cash Family. Parents have the ability to view their children’s Apple Cash balance and spend activity, and also apply restrictions on their spending if needed.

IOS 15.5 also brings a slew of new features for the Apple Podcasts app. Key among these are features for managing podcast storage across devices, tools to enable annual podcast subscriptions and the newly announced Apple Podcasts Delegated Delivery system that will soon allow creators to more easily distribute their podcasts directly to Apple Podcasts from third-party hosting providers.