Going, going … grab one of the last 2 demo tables at TC Sessions: Climate before they’re gone

Climate-change warriors heed this call! If you want to demo your climate tech at TC Sessions: Climate 2022 on June 14 at UC Berkeley, time is running out. We have only two — count ‘em two — Startup Demo Packages left, and your last day to purchase one is May 14.

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More than 1,000 people dedicated to stopping this existential crisis in its tracks will be in the house. Don’t miss this opportunity to showcase your early-stage climate tech in front of this influential, highly targeted audience.

We’re talking about climate entrepreneurs — like Impossible Foods’s Patrick Brown and Novoloop’s Miranda Wang — scientist/VCs like SOSV’s Pae Wu and DCVC’s Kiersten Stead. Check out the impressive roster of speakers.

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Use those three extra passes to bring your team, increase your reach and still have time to attend presentations, 1:1 interviews, breakouts and roundtables. Here are just a few examples, and you can see more programming in the event agenda.

Ground Floor Green — Early Stage Climate VC: Climate tech is a hot area for investment once again, but the money going in this time around is a lot smarter on the subject than it has been in the past. Balancing hope and hype is still a major challenge, however, especially at the earliest stages, and we’ll dive into how the best and the brightest on the investment side are picking their winners — with Christian Garcia (Breakthrough Energy Ventures), Kiersten Stead (DCVC) and Pae Wu (SOSV).

Powering the Future Through Transformative Tech: This panel jumps into the breakthrough tech innovations that are transforming industries to build a radically better world. How can business, government, philanthropy and the startup community come together to create a better tomorrow? Hear from these seasoned investors and industry veterans about how technology can not only shape the future, but also where the biggest opportunities lie — with Jamey Butcher (Chemonics International), Philipp Gruener (Decisive Capital Management SA) and Bill Tai (Extreme Tech Challenge).

Wasting Away: Recycling has been an environmental buzzword for decades, but the reality of reusing waste products hasn’t always lived up to its potential. A trio of startups on the cutting edge of the industry will discuss recent breakthroughs and what the future looks like for recycling, from sorting robots to ocean plastics and batteries — with Matanya Horowitz (AMP Robotics), Megan O’Connor (Nth Cycle) and Miranda Wang (Novoloop).

TC Sessions: Climate 2022 takes place at UC Berkley’s Zellerbach Auditorium in Berkeley on June 14 with an online event on June 16. Literally hundreds of the leading climate tech founders, scientists, investors and entrepreneurs will be in the house.

Don’t miss your last chance to showcase your climate tech and talent. Buy one of the two remaining two Startup Demo Packages today!

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