Venus Aerospace CEO is making flying faster and greener without sacrificing family time

This week on Found, we are talking to the co-founder and CEO of Venus Aerospace.

Sassie Duggleby is leading the team at Venus Aerospace to develop a spaceplane that could go from LA to Tokyo in an hour. Sassie sets the tone that her team doesn’t have to adhere to the typical startup up grind to solve some serious deep tech issues. In fact, she believes people work better when they’re well fed, rested and able to have a life outside of work. After working in aerospace her entire career, she wanted Venus to be a welcoming sustainable place to work for all types of people.

She talked with Darrell and Jordan about honoring the company’s namesake — Venus, the goddess of love — and loving her customers and her employees well, all while working to bring the world closer together with greener, more efficient travel.

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