Starlink adds $25/month ‘Portability’ feature that lets users move their internet around

Starlink has introduced a paid add-on feature that lets customers “temporarily” move their service to different locations — anywhere within the same continent as their permanent service address that is currently served by Starlink satellite availability. The add-on will cost an additional $25 per month for users in the U.S.

Of course, you’ll also need to move your Starlink dish and connectivity hardware around to take advantage of this, which might not be so easy for some (users can go to elaborate lengths to get their Starlink dish mounted with a clear line to the sky free of any tree cover).

The $25 charge also means Starlink’s total price creeps up even higher, which could be a difficult pill to swallow for some after monthly fees rose to $110 per month in March. All-told, if you want Starlink’s regular service plus the ability to hop in the RV and set up with high-speed internet wherever you fall within Starlink’s coverage zones and have a decently clear view of the sky, you’ll be paying $135 per month. On the other hand, Starlink offers the kind of flexibility and reach that traditional internet providers (and many mobile network operators) just can’t.

With this service addition, Starlink is more than ever the internet option of choice for digital nomads, too. Maybe this’ll usher in an era of software engineers roving the nation from state park to state park in a fleet of modified classic Airstreams.