Sennheiser cancels your own wheezing, grunting and panting

You know what it’s like; you’ve painstakingly strapped on some running shoes, and you’re plodding your way up an endless hill of abject misery, lactic acid and self-loathing. You’re listening to the sweet, dulcet tones of Alex whispering sweet nothings about Andreessen and Horowitz into your ears, and there’s a distracting grunting following you around. Ugh, it’s the worst. Bodies. They’re distracting, gross and get in the way of enjoying life. Sennheiser’s brand new earbuds are here to save you from yourself, and to cancel out your own noises. At long last.

The new Sport True Wireless earbuds introduce a new feature — Aware EQ — which helps “reduce body-borne noise and allow some outside sounds to enter for better situational awareness”. In other words, you’ll hear the bus that’s trying to dramatically increase your priority for finally getting your Final Will and Testament signed, but you don’t have to hear your own heartbeat, footsteps or desperate gasps for breath.

The earbuds come with closed ear adapters for noise isolation, or open-ear adapters to let a little bit more noise in, depending on how immersed you want to be in your self-torture.

Overall, the earbuds seem solid, as you’d expect from Sennheiser, but relatively basic; 7mm drivers are smallish for the product category, so don’t expect to have your brain rattled around in your skull as you renew your love for your Turkish Trap Greatest Hits playlist, but at least you should be able to hear music and podcasts relatively clearly.

Hello? Can you hear me?  Image Credits: Sennheiser (opens in a new window)

The earbuds have a pretty comprehensive feature set, including customizable presents, touch controls and access to voice assistants. They feature Bluetooth 5.2 compatibility and support for a slew of audio codecs, making it easy to stay connected to mobile devices, smartwatches, smart TVs and connected fitness devices.

To plug these things into your earholes, get your preorder in; the price tag is $129, and the company is planning to start shipping in early May.