Discover how Samsung NEXT and Microsoft for Startups can help your business at TC Early Stage

Early Stage speaker

Image Credits: TechCrunch

We’re just one week away from kicking off TechCrunch Early Stage in San Francisco on April 14. Not only is this day-long summit the ultimate educational resource for new or aspiring founders, it’s our first live event since the Before Times. We’re stoked to see you and provide access to industry experts, critical information and opportunities to achieve startup success. 

The last-chance dance: We have only a handful of passes left, and this event will sell out. Avoid a remorseful case of FOMO and buy your pass now — while you still can.

Last week, we told you about sessions from our partners — AWS, Brex, Mayfield and Dell — that can help you scale your company. Expert-led partner sessions provide an in-depth look at specific topics and technologies. They’re smaller, more-focused presentations so you have time to ask questions, get answers and explore potential solutions or collaboration opportunities.

Brace yourself for yet another knowledge download from these new partner sessions:

How to be a Player – Building a Winning MVP Roundtable

Brought to you by Microsoft for Startups Founders Hub

The goal of this roundtable is to discuss and learn how to utilize the Design Thinking methodology to create an experience that combines content, creativity and collaboration in building the first iteration of your product. In the end founders will be able to work through the common hurdles faced while transitioning from the idea to product phase.

Beyond the Round: Making the most of your investor relationships

Sponsored by Samsung Next

Today, many VCs offer founders more than just capital: They can provide useful counsel, open doors to the right partners, and help provide operational services that get your company off the ground and scale. Hear from Samsung Next alongside YC alumnus Kraftful and leading NFT marketplace SuperRare, as they share how the right investors on their cap table helped them supercharge their launch and growth efforts.

TechCrunch Early Stage takes place in person on April 14, but we only have a few tickets left before we sell out of the event! Don’t waste another minute — buy your pass now and avoid an Early Stage lockout. We want to see you in San Francisco!