Who knew you could magically finger copy stuff from iPhone to iPad? Not us.

iOS picks up more and more features with each major release, which unfortunately means some of them aren’t exactly … obvious, making for great fodder for “things you didn’t know about your iPhone” TikTok. Example #4123131, this video:


#stitch with @partyshirt I am way too late to this party 😅#apple #iphonetricks #iphone

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You probably know about Apple’s long-existing continuity features and newer Universal Control by now — it’s not groundbreaking to copy and paste links from your phone to your laptop. But, as seen above, even former Apple employees didn’t know that now you can use the pinch gesture to pick up and drop images between your iPhone and iPad like you’re some kind of tech-savvy sorcerer who rolled a natural 20 on arcana. It’s the same old features that have been around for months, just cooler and more wizard-like. As long as you’re using two touch-screen Apple devices with the same Apple ID, you should be good to go.

If you knew about this already, congrats. But, out of a sample size of five procrastinating writers in the watercooler channel of TechCrunch Slack, 100% of us had no idea you could do this.