Gearing up for Demo Day

Hello and welcome back to Equity, a podcast about the business of startups, where we unpack the numbers and nuance behind the headlines. Every Monday, Grace and Alex and Kell scour the news and record notes on what’s going on to kick off the week.

This week had a theme. Which was startups. Lots and lots of startups. Here’s the rundown:

  • Markets are mixed this morning, with strong crypto trading results and big news from Tesla.
  • The weekend’s leading conversation in the tech and startup world was about this analysis regarding crypto upstarts not giving out board seats to investors. Call it peak founder-friendliness? It’s also a huge risk, as investors have taken board seats for a reason, historically. All the same, you gotta win those deals.
  • Y Combinator Demo Day is this week: We are going to see hundreds of startups make their pitch in rapid-fire fashion. Sure, many will have already raised capital, but the capitalist confab is still worth watching. I am looking for API-led startups and any hints about where DAOs are heading, personally.
  •  Zepto raised, which TechCrunch covered and I had a few thoughts about.

The Big Tech landscape is quiet this week thus far, which means we can focus on startups. See you at Demo Day tomorrow!

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