Epsilon3 co-founder talks about building a SaaS company for space

Hello and welcome back to Found, the podcast where we tell the stories behind the startups. This week Darrell and Jordan talked with Laura Crabtree, the co-founder and CEO of Space SaaS company Epsilon3, which helps companies run their complex engineering, testing and operational procedures. Here’s a sneek peak into what they get into in their conversaiton:

  • Epsilon3’s surprisingly wide market fit. Crabtree talks about how investors will ask her if the market is there and her response is not only is the new space industry growing rapidly, but there are a variety of industries that need help organizing complex project and missions. For example, they work with a hyperspace company and a nautical exploration company.
  • Pricing as a SaaS company. They talk about the balance between pricing transparency and being flexible. Crabtree shares why talking to startups and selling is one of her favorite parts of the job.
  • Investor and founder relationships.¬†There are a lot of horror stories when it come to building your cap table, but the three Epsilon3 founders have built a team of advisors that they view as part of their team.

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