TechCrunch debuts ‘Chain Reaction,’ a new podcast about the wild world of web3

Few topics in tech are more confusing or intimidating than crypto. 

The industry has attracted trillions in investment, but it can still be tough to even buy tokens or NFTs, let alone understand what these things actually do. As a result, crypto has courted a fairly controversial reputation among consumers, who are struggling to reconcile the views of optimists promising a new world order with the present-day reality of influencers pushing doggy coin scams and suspect NFT deals.

There’s a lot to be wary of in the world of web3, but there’s also plenty of promise — both of which we want to help our readers understand.

TechCrunch is launching a new podcast called Chain Reaction, which will dive into the world of crypto, web3 and NFTs.

Each week, TechCrunch Senior Editor Lucas Matney and Crypto Reporter Anita Ramaswamy will break down a handful of trending crypto topics (and why they matter) before sitting down for an interview with an industry expert, be they an investor, founder, personality or skeptic. Our goal is to learn alongside readers about a budding industry with potentially huge implications for the future of everything — from finance to art to the internet itself.

Alongside the podcast, we’ll also be sending out a weekly Chain Reaction newsletter digging into the week’s web3 happenings with more granular detail, highlighting notable funding rounds, acquisitions, heists, personnel moves and spicy tweets. You can sign up for the newsletter here.

Our first episode and newsletter will go live next month. Listen to the trailer below to get a taste of what’s in store, follow Chain Reaction on Twitter and subscribe now on your favorite podcast app.  

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