London’s Tactic raises $4.5M round led by Index Ventures to tackle search for sales teams

Sales teams and customer services people can spend a lot of time searching, logging, and analyzing customer and market data. This takes a lot of time, requires them to sift through multiple sources, and is obviously subject to human error. Typically they will end up Googling, outsourcing to vendors, or coming up with an often expensive automated solution.

London-based Tactic thinks it has the answer for automating customer and market research. It’s now raised $4.5 million in funding led by Index Ventures, joined by Visionaries Club.

Using NLP and big data, Tactic said it saves sales, marketing, and revenue operations professionals time they’d otherwise spend on search engines.

“No enterprise wants to pay people to lose time to manual research and data entry. But they do. We knew there had to be a better way,” Rudy Lai, CEO and co-founder of Tactic, said in a statement. “Professionals don’t want search results – they want answers. There’s a demand for smart searching that’s powerful and customizable, and Tactic is here to fill it.”

Tactic tables the issue by allowing sales and marketing people to ask questions in ordinary language and to apply filters for prioritizing and ranking the results. This can be fed into CRM software.

Tactic was founded in 2020 by Jack Hodkinson, an experimental physicist specializing in quantum materials and data analysis, and Lai, a former banker at Morgan Stanley and Bank of America Merrill Lynch.

“Tactic is one of a new generation of companies that are seizing the opportunity presented by the seismic changes and improvements in natural language processing technology,” said Jan Hammer, partner at Index Ventures, which led the investment. “The founders have a deep understanding of the pain points for companies, who must sink hundreds of human hours into mind-numbing research and data compilation.”

The seed funding will allow Tactic to grow its product, front-end, and data engineering teams.