Climate tech steps into the spotlight at TC Sessions: Climate 2022

It’s going to take a whole lot more than electric cars and plant-based foods to change the course of climate change, the most critical, existential crisis in human history. Climate tech isn’t just one industry: it’s every industry in every country across the globe. And it’s why we’re launching our first climate tech summit — TC Sessions: Climate 2022 — live at UC Berkley’s Zellerbach Auditorium in Berkeley, California, on June 14, with a virtual event to follow on June 16.

Join more than 1,000 people dedicated to saving our planet and its inhabitants. Hear from and engage with in-the-know early-stage founders and CEOs with serious science and engineering bonafides. Meet and network with institutional scientists, researchers, engineers, VCs and red tape-cutting reps from government agencies, ESGs, nonprofits and research centers.

Reduce waste: Buy your pass to TC Sessions: Climate 2022 starting at just $175 now, and you’ll save $200.

Here’s an overview of what you can expect at TC Sessions: Climate. It’s a broad topic, and we’ll focus on technologies, topics and trends that fall within these main themes: energy, supply chains/ transportation, VC, waste reclamation and water.

This event is live and in-person, which means you’ll experience hands-on demos, panel discussions, 1:1 interviews and breakout sessions with visionary leaders and a new generation of climate tech entrepreneurs.

Take advantage of smaller, topic-driven roundtables where you can drill down in greater detail for deeper conversation, connection and collaboration.

You’ll find plenty of exciting early-stage climate tech startups in the exhibition area. It’s fertile ground for networking with like-minded climate-savers — find a co-founder, a green unicorn in the making or meet a whip-smart engineer and create a new planet-saving product.

You’ll also find the demo area, and that’s where the hands-on element comes into play. Are you ready to go lab-to-table? Sample a variety of synthetic and lab-grown foods and then settle in to watch demos of the latest in green building techniques — and that’s only the beginning.

We’re just getting started. TC editorial is still accepting speaker recommendations. If you have someone in mind, submit your recommendation here. Keep your fingers on the pulse of TC Sessions: Climate — sign up on the website for event updates on speakers, news and ticket specials.

TC Sessions: Climate 2022 takes place at UC Berkley’s Zellerbach Auditorium in Berkeley, California, on June 14, with a virtual event on June 16. Don’t miss your chance to meet, connect and collaborate with the leading innovators in climate tech. Buy your pass today, and you’ll save $200.

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