Spotify bounces back as Discord hobbles back online after outage

Spotify and Discord both appear to be down.

TechCrunchers and the Twittersphere alike are experiencing difficulty logging in to Spotify. Folks are reporting on Twitter that opening the Spotify app on mobile leads to a login flow, but even the correct username and password results in a failed attempt to in fact log in.

The music streaming company confirmed the issue on Twitter:

Discord confirmed it’s also experiencing an issue that affects message delivery/receipt.

We’ve reached out to Spotify and Discord to learn more about the issue and will update when we hear back.

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Enjoy these tweets about Spotify going down:

Update: Spotify responded and basically pointed us to Twitter for updates. So we’ll keep watching Twitter.

Actual response:

We’re aware of the issue and have posted an update on @SpotifyStatus. We’ll post another update when things are back to normal.

Another update: At 2:39pm ET, about an hour after reports started flooding in that Spotify had gone down, @SpotifyStatus said everything seems to be back up and running.

Yet another update: Spotify told TechCrunch directly that they’re still investigating the root cause of the issue, but that they have no reason to believe it was caused by a malicious hacker.

Here’s the official statement provided:

Spotify and several other platforms experienced a brief service outage today beginning around 1:15pm EST. As of 2:40pm EST Spotify is back up and functioning normally for most users. You can check @SpotifyStatus for any additional updates.

Yep, another update: Discord is also coming back online, with a few straggling features.