Figma brings whiteboarding to the iPad

Collaboration has always been at the heart of what Figma does. Founder Dylan Field worked for years before launching Figma with the sole mission of making design a multiplayer game.

Since launch, the company has reached a $10 billion valuation and accrued millions of users, all on the back of that same collaboration-based ideology.

So it should come as no surprise that Figma’s most collaborative product yet, FigJam, is expanding to the iPad on March 15.

FigJam is a whiteboarding tool that launched in early 2021 that allows folks within an organization (not just designers) to brainstorm and work together on projects.

FigJam functionality includes sticky notes, emojis and drawing tools, as well as shapes, pre-built lines and connectors, stamps and cursor chats. As expected, FigJam works with Figma so components or design objects created on Figjam can move over to Figma easily.

In many ways, FigJam is as much about distribution as it is about the product itself. It’s an expansion of Figma’s already robust plugin community, and even allows for folks to invite non-users of Figma or FigJam to an “Open Session”, where anyone can join without a login for a 24-hour window.

In essence, it takes Figma from a design platform to a workflow tool for an entire organization, and naturally spreads the word about the suite of tools to partnering organizations.

We’ve covered FigJam pretty extensively since its launch. Check out some of our past coverage below to get in the weeds on the whiteboarding tool.

Update: Figma has postponed the launch of FigJam for iPad until March 15.