Aporia raises $25M Series A for its ML observability platform

Aporia, a Tel Aviv-based startup that helps businesses monitor and explain their AI-based services, today announced that it has raised a $25 million Series A funding round led by Tiger Global. New investor Samsung Next, as well as previous investors TLV Partners and Vertex Ventures also participated in this round, which brings the company’s total amount raised to $30 million.

When the service launched last year, its focus was squarely on being an observability platform. Since then, the team has widened its net a bit to become more of a full-stack ML monitoring platform.

“When I’m looking at our solution right now, it includes four main pillars,” Aporia co-founder and CEO Liran Hason explained. “The first one would be visibility — like dashboarding, being able to see the predictions and so on. The second one, which is pretty new, is explainability. We have some users using that already. Then the monitoring and finally automation, which is also new.”

Automation, of course, is a pretty obvious next step for any monitoring service, given that users typically want to take some action on the alerts they are getting. Since Aporia already featured a drag-and-drop tool for its monitoring service, the team was able to quickly add this feature, too, and Hason noted that he wants to expand these automation capabilities to cover more complex user cases.

Explainability, too, is a feature set the company added based on customer feedback. Increasingly, companies are under regulatory pressure to be able to explain what their models are doing. Aporia now helps its users understand why a model makes the predictions it does and how different input parameters contribute to them.

The mission to become a more full-stack ML observability platform seems to be resonating with customers. Aporia says the number of customers that use its services grew 600% in the last six months alone. Its customers now include the likes of Lemonade and Armis.

“Aporia has demonstrated unbelievable growth since its launch and has amazing momentum, quickly becoming a leader in the space of ML observability,” said John Curtius, partner at Tiger Global. “Executives at global enterprises understand the benefits of artificial intelligence and how it’s impacting virtually every industry but the risks keep them awake at night. Aporia is positioned to be the solution every organization turns to for ensuring their responsible use of AI.”