Voximplant’s service to build voice and video comms into apps comes out of beta

Companies that help businesses integrate voice and video communication into their apps and services have proliferated in recent years, with services such as Twilio and Diagflow, an NLP platform developed by Google, burgeoning.

Voximplant has raised $10.1 million so far to do similar things, and is now launching the beta version of its Avatar product. Investors in Voximplant include Baring Vostok Capital Partners, RTP Ventures and Google Launchpad Accelerator.

The San Francisco-based startup offers an out-of-the-box natural language processing (NLP) service that allows developers to embed NLP functionality into their apps, enabling them to build smart IVRs, voicebots and chatbots for things like inbound call automation, FAQ, interactive surveys, NPS, contact center automation and other examples.

Voximplant says its main offering is that developers can build AI-powered bots and connect them easily to chat and telephony, without building complex backend logic, through a combination of a no-code editor and conversational AI.

It also says developers only need to know JavaScript at a basic level, as all the machine learning aspects are handled by the platform.

“We at Voximplant believe that the next generation of CPaaS is about intelligent services mixed together with easily programmable omnichannel communication capabilities and that this brings maximum value to our existing and future customers,” said Alexey Aylarov, CEO and co-founder of Voximplant, in a statement.