Greylock’s Glen Evans shares strategies for hiring top talent in a hyper-competitive market at TechCrunch Early Stage

Before anyone ever heard of COVID-19, recruiting and hiring the best people to help build a successful startup was challenging enough. Now consider the pandemic and the seismic shift it caused in the U.S. job market. As a result, millions of people quit working — in a phenomenon known as The Great Resignation — effectively shrinking the available talent pool.

Combine these factors with 2021, a record year for both startups and VC investments, and it adds up to a major talent shortage and a hyper-competitive job market. That holds true for early-stage startups all the way up to global conglomerates. In 2022, great talent is hard to find.

How can early-stage founders hope to attract, recruit and hire people with the requisite talent and expertise? It’s a vital question, and it’s the reason we invited Glen Evans, partner of Core Talent at Greylock, to tackle this topic at TechCrunch Early Stage on April 14.

In an interactive workshop called How to Hire Top Talent in Today’s Hyper-Competitive Market, Evans will help early-stage founders learn how to optimize the recruiting and hiring process, how to find and develop talent, and he’ll share best practices for closing candidates.

An eminently qualified recruiting professional, Evans leads the core talent team at Greylock, where he helps entrepreneurs prioritize recruiting as a core business strategy for building high-quality teams. His team supports recruiting and talent acquisition strategies for its portfolio companies, which include Airbnb, Dropbox and Facebook to name a few. He also helps entrepreneurs find tools and systems to streamline their recruiting, interviewing and hiring processes.

Prior to joining Greylock in 2018, Evans spent more than 12 years managing the recruiting and team-building efforts at multiple tech companies, such as Facebook, Google and Slack.

During his tenure at Slack, Evans served as the tech company’s first recruitment director during a period of rapid growth. He designed talent acquisition strategies and helped the company hire across all functions on a global scale.

He played an instrumental role in the early days of Facebook by building its engineering teams and processes as the company began scaling rapidly. While there he also built the recruiting team to support aggressive growth plans, and he facilitated the post-acquisition onboarding of Oculus into Facebook’s operations.

Recruiting and hiring talented people for your startup is more challenging than ever. Join Glen Evans and hear how to design and optimize hiring and recruitment strategies, find highly qualified candidates and learn the latest thinking on hiring and developing top talent in 2022.

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